The 10 Most Haunted Locations in Arkansas

Arkansas is a state in the southern region of the United States bordering the Mississippi River. It’s known for its bounteous par and wild ranges, with landscape encompassing mountains, hot springs, rivers and caves.

It’s capital, “Little Rock” hosts the Clinton Presidential Center, as well as Bill Clinton’s presidential archives.

Let us take a look at 10 most haunted places in this state:

1. The Old Arsenal

The Old Arsenal is among many buildings that comprised the state’s weapons storage facility. It is in MacArthur Park and now houses the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History. There have been many reported sightings of nebulous visions, including a playful spirit who likes to toss things from the top of the staircase, a duel between two unexplained shadows and a strong figure of a man who disappeared into the air once an employee made contact. There have also been sounds of laughter, talking and music heard from the second floor, however when investigated, there was no one present.
The Old Arsenal (Arkansas)


2. Mr. Lyle’s House

This house was built by Jimmy Lyle in 1926, and there were series of reports by local residents stating that there are different fun-loving spirits around the premises. Although the house underwent renovation in 2006, it was also reported that the ghost of Mr. Lyle is said to have been spotted meandering in areas of the house. During the renovation, some construction workers claimed that they heard the voice of a child running and laughing around on the second floor but nobody was seen after they checked. In 1970, a family who lived in the house recalls their daughter waking up and screaming after seeing a little boy in front of her bed smiling at her. He ran through the wall and vanished.
The Jimmy Lyle house


3. Toltec Mounds

This place is also called the “Stonehenge of Arkansas.” The earthen dikes and mounds present at Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park are remnants of the Plum Bayou culture. Eighteen mounds were built by the Plum Bayou native to serve as a religious, governmental, ceremonial and social complex with each mound serving as a burial mound. Archeological digs at the site have revealed items that can’t be traced to other Native American cultures, and have also suggested that the Plum Bayou people simply vanished with no hint of why they left or where they went.
People who pay visit to the present-day stop have asserted to see orbs, lights, and even ghostly phantoms of ancient people. Footsteps have also been heard around the current mound site at night.
Toltec Mounds

4. Springfield-Des Arc Bridge

This is an iron bowstring truss bridge that extends over Cadron Creek, the Springfield Bridge-Des Arc Bridge is said to be haunted. Visitors claim they have heard a baby’s cry and a girl’s scream without tracing the source of the sound or the person involved. These dismal clamors were observed in the area sound the bridge.
Springfield Bridge -Des Arc Bridge


5. Old Malco Theatre

It all started during a performance in the 1880’s when a woman disappeared from the audience in the middle of a magic show production. Ever since that incident, Old Malco Theatre have been considered haunted. The ghost of a glowing woman has been observed in the theatre basement, screams come out of the empty theatre and objects move around by themselves.
Old Malco Theatre

6. Hornibrook House/The Empress of Little Rock

This house was originally built by James H. Hornibrook as the most unrestrained dwelling in the state. However, the house now operates as The Empress of Little Rock. There have been witnesses of several paranormal experiences by visitors, guests and even the owner Robert H. Blair. Blair saw a gentleman dressed complete with a top hat floating down the stairs.z
The same image was seen by another witness, Timmy Watts when he found himself locked out while restoring the mystery poker room in the attic. When he came back with a screwdriver to give unlock the door, he discovered that the door was now open.
Hornibrook House - The Empress of Little Rock


7. Calico Rock

East Calico Rock is a historic district that is regarded as a ghost town featuring 23 buildings and structures from the city’s history. When you take a stroll along this historic Walnut Street Bridge, you will see 22 detailed signs with notable photographs and information about the area, which includes a theater, cotton gin, pool hall and tavern, funeral parlor, lumberyard, and the old city jail.

East Calico Rock

8. Mount Holly Cemetery

This cemetery is located at 12th Streets and Broadway in Little Rock. Mount Holly Burial ground is the final resting place for some eminent Arkansans. Over the years, there have been several reports of paranormal sightings in photos taken at the property, including nebulous visions of people wearing period apparel, mists and bright lights. Some visitors have claimed that statues have been strangely relocated to the lawns houses close-by.
The sounds of trinkets and flute echo have also been heard. Also, there are claims that tiny items appear and disappear around the graves.
Mount Holly Cemetery

9. Gurdon Light

On several occasions during the night, there are claims a haunting light is spotted in Gurdon along the railroad tracks. We are meant to believe that the source of the light is from the lantern of the rail employee’s ghost.
There are two versions of this rail employee’s death. Some claim the man was struck by a train, others say he was killed in a fight close to the tracks.
Gurdon Light Arkansas

10. Witches Hollow – Cave City

The name tells it all; its name originates from a witch who once practiced her magic this place. This place is said to be haunted by the deceased witch who has been seen strolling along Sandtown Road.
Witches Hollow - Cave City