“Listen Doctor”, the merits of Benevolent Ghost – Boise, Idaho

One doctor in Boise, Idaho found out the hard way that ghost do exist and that they can serve a purpose. He was scheduled to do heart surgery on a patient one Tuesday when he got this eerie feeling as he made his way to the surgical suite.

When he crossed the threshold of the suite, he felt this cold blast of air as though he had walked into a freezer. He shivered, his skin tingled and got goose bumps and then he felt some of the hairs on his head rise as if lifted by invisible hands. Yet, he could tell by the pleasant greetings and warm smile on the faces of the surgical team already in the room that they didn’t notice anything out of order. He spoke to everyone and then went to the sink to scrub.

When he looked in the mirror there was another face there. He pressed the foot lever to activate the water and the person, a Hispanic looking guy, spoke. “Don’t do this surgery today or it will go bad for you” He drew back, suds all the way up to his elbows and said, “What?” “If you go ahead with this procedure, you will lose this patient and then you will be on a losing streak with as many as three more if you don’t cancel this procedure,” the man said.

I walked passed you in the hallway and then stood in the doorway to block your entry into this suite. Did you feel me?” the strange man asked. He stared at the doctor, who just stared back. “I’m telling you, this will end badly. Don’t do it!” the man again demanded. His image faded from the mirror and the doctor blinked and shook his head. When he approached the sink again to give his hands and lower arms a good sanitizing scrub in fairly hot water, he could only get cold water to come out. He scrubbed and then dried his shaking hands. After that, he went to the table, put on surgical gloves and then started the procedure.

Operating Room Procedure

About two hours into the procedure the patient flat-lined. 29 years old, the woman perished despite their valiant efforts to revive her.

The doctor left the room. He had about three hours to wait before his next surgery. This time a man came and sat next to him in the doctor suite, which he shared with three other cardiologists. No one else had a key, so he didn’t know how the man entered so effortlessly. He just seemed to…appear. “I intend to warn you again” stated the stranger. “This will be the second death of the day if you don’t back out. You can use any excuse. Your colleagues will believe you and the patient will later be thankful that they had to wait. In fact, go home. Just go home to your family and mourn this first loss. If you do that, the other two will live.” The doctor looked at the man and realized it was the same face he’d seen in the mirror before. However, the body of this person was also visible. He was emaciated, as if he were sick, malnourished or near death. The doctor shook his head and watched as the figure got up and left the room. Once outside the door, the Hispanic man placed a bar across the door to keep it from being opened from inside.

The doctor called maintenance, and between their efforts and that of security, they got him out of the room in time for his next procedure. He lost that patient as well.

One of his colleagues offered to do the next surgery for him, but he declined. This time, he got no warning, so his confidence returned. He lost that patient about three hours into the procedure. After the final loss, that is when the hospital administrator ordered him to go home. An hour later, he walked across the threshold of his home, nestled away in a secluded community and he was inconsolable for hours. Despite the efforts of his perky 6 year old twin children, the mechanics of his Pit Bull Terrier and his wife; he could not lift himself from his doldrums.

Stressed out doctor

Seven days later, while on administrative leave the doctor got a call. He answered the phone, his voice drained of emotion. He heard these words as soon as he lifted the receiver to his ear… “Hello doctor. I am sure you remember me from your last operations at the hospital. I am not trying to rub it in. But you were warned not to do those surgeries. Next time, maybe you will listen.”  The phone then went silent and the doctor collapsed to the floor.