Illinois is known for its windy city and is home to the Blues Brothers, Homer Simpson and Oprah. With all of these celebrities of course there are the countless ghost stories to follow. Most of these old souls can be found inhabiting the old homes and woods of the rural areas, however there are also some haunting spirits walking the streets and highways.

The headless horseman of Lakey’s creek is a known classic of illinois. A frontiersman named Lakey started to build his cabin near a ford along the old wagon trail to Mt. Vernon. Lakey’s body was soon discovered by travelers. His head had been removed by his own axe, that was left at the scene.

The murderer of Lakey was never found. Many decades after the murder, tourist and truckers reported being chased down by a headless horseman. “the rider, on a large black horse, joined travelers approaching the stream from the east, and always on the downstream side,” a witness wrote. “Each time and just before reaching the center of the creek, the myst-like figure would turn downstream and disappear.”

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