Urban Legend from Montana -The Bleeding Sink


Urban Legend from Montana : The Bleeding Sink

I found it extremely annoying that one of the bathrooms on my dorm was permanently closed. Especially since the cause was an urban legend. An urban legend, I tell you! According to the story, years and years ago some guy got himself massively drunk at a bar in downtown Helena and had passed out in the bathroom on the fourth floor.

Apparently, he hit his head on the sink as he fell, and his blood had spattered the sink as he slid senseless to the floor and silently hemorrhaged to death. His death was considered a “sad accident” by faculty, staff and townspeople. But that was no reason to shut up the bathroom for decades! I completely discounted the story of the bleeding sink. That was just an urban legend the students circulated to explain the locked door.

“I’m sick of sharing a bathroom with you disgusting bunch,” I grumbled to my roommate. “I’m going to break into the fourth-floor bathroom.”

My roommate’s eyes widened. “Don’t you know that bathroom is haunted?” he exclaimed. “The bloodstains on the sink are as fresh today as they were when the accident happened back in the 1960s, and sometimes you can hear the boy moaning as his life fades away on the bathroom floor!”

“Romantic tale,” I snapped. “My granny lives in a haunted castle in Scotland with ghost stories that would make your hair stand on end. She’d laugh at me if she found out I ignored a perfectly good bathroom because of a few bloodstains. Besides, the maintenance staff told me the bathroom was shut up pending renovations. No big deal!”

“You’ll be sorry,” my roommate said darkly. I ignored him. He was just mad because I’d lumped him in with the disgusting bunch of guys who dirtied up the bathroom on my floor. You’d think someone would teach them to pick up their dirty clothes and clean the sink once in awhile.

When the dorm quieted down for the night – which wasn’t until late – I hurried up to the fourth floor with a piece of wire I’d purchased at a local hardware store. My little brother and I had become expert lock-pickers over the years, since our mother had a bad habit of locking her keys into the house or the car at least once a week. With all that experience, the lock on the bathroom door gave me no problems.

The bathroom was rather old-fashioned in appearance and had a disused air. There was dust in the corners, and a spider web drooped from the ceiling. But I heard no unearthly groaning, no mysterious footsteps. I carefully inspected the sink, the walls and the floor. Other than a smallish orange discoloration on the sink, there was no blood anywhere. Ha! So much for urban legends. There was probably something in the water that caused discoloration over time. I turned a tap experimentally, sure that the maintenance staff had shut off the water long ago. To my surprise, water gushed forth instantly. I smiled. Well, well. It looked like I had a bathroom to myself after all! I carefully locked the door behind me when I left.

I got up late the next morning, and had the downstairs bathroom all to myself. So it wasn’t until evening, when everyone was back in the dorm, crowding in and out of the bathrooms, that I slipped away to use the locked up facilities. It was still early in the evening, and I made sure no one was around before I headed to the abandoned bathroom. With a few twists of the wire, I opened the lock. As I stepped inside, the air temperature plummeted twenty degrees or more and my nose was hit by the pungent, strong smell of fresh blood. A second later, I saw the blood-spattered sink.

Bright-red gore was everywhere – on the porcelain, on the walls, in the sink , oozing down the sides of the sink. And hovering before it, his feet a good six-inches off the ground, was the luminous form of a college-aged boy wearing old-fashioned clothes in the style of the 1960s. His forehead had a disfiguring dent smashed into it, and blood was dripping down his face. As I stared at him, horrified and frozen in terror, he turned and looked at me. Then he held out a blood-stained hand.

His eyes were desperate, pleading for help, and I heard a low moaning sound coming from between his blood-stained lips. The sound raised every hair on my body and made the skin prickle in sheer, cold horror. I backpedaled fiercely, my legs scrambling to get away while my eyes and head remained fixed on the ghost, on the bloody sink. A drop of red blood fell from his outstretched hand as I stared at him. Then the momentum of my legs carried me through the door, which slammed shut behind me, and the hot, pungent smell of fresh blood followed me through the halls and down the staircases until I was outside into the chilly air of autumn, breathing deeply. My knees shook so bad that I fell onto the nearest patch of grass, stomach heaving. Oh lord! The ghost was real! No wonder they kept the place locked up.

I lay on the grass for a long time, ignoring the chill in the air. This was a natural chill which comforted, not that unnatural chill that had frightened me upstairs. I breathed in and out, in and out, watching the stars above me, bright even through the campus lights. I took comfort from the huge, clear expanse of sky. But I still felt reluctant to go back inside that haunted building. I shuddered once, from head to toe. Oh how my granny would laugh if she knew her big brave grandson was too scared to go back inside a haunted dormitory. It was the thought of granny that got me back onto my feet and upstairs to my room. But I didn’t care what granny or anyone else thought of me. I was never going back to the fourth floor bathroom. Once was enough.





TUPAC SHAKUR , WEST COAST RAPPER LEGENDARY HISTORY,HIS MURDER AND GHOST HAUNTING , Shakur was embroiled in a feud between East Coast and West Coast rappers.Born in New York City in 1971, Tupac Shakur, known by his stage name 2Pac, was an American rapper. Shakur has sold more than 75 million albums worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world. Most of Tupac’s songs are about growing up amid violence and hardship in ghettos, racism, other social problems and conflicts with other rappers during the East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry. Shakur was shot and killed in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1996.his Early years in Life

Shakur has become a legend in hip-hop and rap circles for his talent, his violent behavior, and his brutal death. The son of Black Panther activists, Shakur was raised by his mother Afeni Shakur. She was actually in jail on bombing charges during her pregnancy with Tupac. She was later acquitted in the case. He had no contact with his biological father, Billy Garland, until he was an adult.

According to The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, Shakur was originally named Lesane Parish Crooks, but his moniker was soon changed to Tupac Amaru Shakur. “Tupac Amaru” means “shining serpent.” He had a difficult childhood, moving frequently around in the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and the Bronx. Shakur received an education in radical politics from his mother, but he also saw some of life’s hardships through her struggles with substance abuse. In his youth, he explored acting by becoming a member of the 127th Street Ensemble, a Harlem-based theater company.

As a teenager, Shakur attended the Baltimore School for the Arts, where he took acting and dance classes, including ballet. While living in Baltimore, he discovered rap and began performing as MC New York. In the late 1980s, Shakur and his family moved to the West Coast. He joined the Oakland, California-based hip-hop group Digital Underground, which earlier had scored a hit with the song “The Humpty Dance.” Shakur appeared on two of the group’s recordings—1990’s This Is an EP and Sons of the P before going solo.In 1991, Shakur emerged as a solo artist—using the name 2Pac—with his debut album 2Pacalypse Now. The track “Brenda’s Got a Baby” reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart. His second album, ., crossed over to the pop charts, with singles “I Get Around” and “Keep Ya Head Up.” The album went platinum, selling more than a million copies.

Around this time, Shakur made his film debut in the 1992 urban crime drama Juice with Omar Epps, Samuel L. Jackson and Queen Latifah. He showed his softer side in Poetic Justice (1993), which was billed as “A Street Romance.” Shakur starred opposite Janet Jackson in the film. The following year, he played a drug dealer in the basketball drama Above the Rim. 2Pac became quite a sensation, earning praise for his musical and acting talent as well as condemnation for his explicit, lyrics. Many of his songs told of fights, gangs, and sex. He appeared to be living up to his gangster rap persona with several arrests . Shakur himself fell victim to violence, getting shot five times in the lobby of a recording studio during a mugging.The next year, after recovering from his injuries. His third solo album, Me Against the World (1995), started out in the number one spot on the album charts. Many critics praised the work, noting that tracks like “Dear Mama” showed a more genuine, reflective side to the rapper. The possibility of an early death runs through several songs on this recordings – something that many have seen as a chilling moment of foretelling.

After serving eight months in prison, Shakur returned to music with the album All Eyez on Me (1996). He was reportedly released after Death Row Records CEO Marion “Suge” Knight paid a bond of more than $1 million as part of Shakur’s parole. In his latest project, Shakur as the defiant street thug was back in full force on this recording. The song “California Love” featured a guest appearance by famed rapper-producer Dr. Dre and made a strong showing on the pop charts. “How Do You Want It” also was another smash success for Shakur. It appeared to be a golden time for Shakur.

Besides his hit album, Shakur continued to pursue his acting career. He landed several film roles around this time. He co-starred with Mickey Rouke in the 1996 crime drama Bullet. Before his untimely death, Shakur completed work on two other projects—Gridlock’d and Gang Related—that were released in 1997.

During his career, Shakur had become embroiled in a feud between East Coast and West Coast rappers. He was known to insult his enemies on his tracks. On a trip to Las Vegas to attend a boxing match, Shakur was shot while riding in a car driven by Knight on September 7, 1996. He died six days later, on September 13, 1996, from his injuries at a Las Vegas hospital. Shakur was only 25 years old at the time of his death, and his killer has never been caught. Since his death, numerous albums of his work have been posthumously released, selling millions of copies.

Shakur’s life has inspired numerous books and theatrical productions, including the 2012 musical Holler If Ya Can Hear Me. That same year, he made a posthumous appearance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with the help of technology. A 2-D image of the late rapper accompanied Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg during one of their performances at the California event. Shakur’s return to the stage from beyond the grave stirred up a new wave of interest in his videos and his music.

TUPAC GHOST HAUNTINGS , rapper and producer DJ Quik said he was haunted by the ghost of Tupac Shakur when he was in what was supposedly called The Karen Carpenter Room, recording a remix to one of his songs.

Karen Carpenter, the former member of the Carpenters, supposedly haunts the studio.

“We were doing a remix of a Tupac song and Big Syke comes into the studio we’re in, which is notoriously called the Karen Carpenter Room,” he explained. “Supposedly she haunts it. Syke kicks back, hits a blunt and starts laughing into the microphone. And he sounds eerily like Tupac. The lights just got a little weird. I got chills. It was like Tupac haunted the studio.”

TUPAC Burial SITE,he was
Cremated, Ashes scattered.
Specifically: Ashes scattered in his Mother’s garden, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

then thier is the controversy theory,that some think tupac is still alive ,kinda like a elvis still being alive controversy theory. A poetic Tupac Shakur monument is located outside the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain Georgia .



“Listen Doctor”, the merits of Benevolent Ghost – Boise, Idaho

One doctor in Boise, Idaho found out the hard way that ghost do exist and that they can serve a purpose. He was scheduled to do heart surgery on a patient one Tuesday when he got this eerie feeling as he made his way to the surgical suite.

When he crossed the threshold of the suite, he felt this cold blast of air as though he had walked into a freezer. He shivered, his skin tingled and got goose bumps and then he felt some of the hairs on his head rise as if lifted by invisible hands. Yet, he could tell by the pleasant greetings and warm smile on the faces of the surgical team already in the room that they didn’t notice anything out of order. He spoke to everyone and then went to the sink to scrub.

When he looked in the mirror there was another face there. He pressed the foot lever to activate the water and the person, a Hispanic looking guy, spoke. “Don’t do this surgery today or it will go bad for you” He drew back, suds all the way up to his elbows and said, “What?” “If you go ahead with this procedure, you will lose this patient and then you will be on a losing streak with as many as three more if you don’t cancel this procedure,” the man said.

I walked passed you in the hallway and then stood in the doorway to block your entry into this suite. Did you feel me?” the strange man asked. He stared at the doctor, who just stared back. “I’m telling you, this will end badly. Don’t do it!” the man again demanded. His image faded from the mirror and the doctor blinked and shook his head. When he approached the sink again to give his hands and lower arms a good sanitizing scrub in fairly hot water, he could only get cold water to come out. He scrubbed and then dried his shaking hands. After that, he went to the table, put on surgical gloves and then started the procedure.

Operating Room Procedure

About two hours into the procedure the patient flat-lined. 29 years old, the woman perished despite their valiant efforts to revive her.

The doctor left the room. He had about three hours to wait before his next surgery. This time a man came and sat next to him in the doctor suite, which he shared with three other cardiologists. No one else had a key, so he didn’t know how the man entered so effortlessly. He just seemed to…appear. “I intend to warn you again” stated the stranger. “This will be the second death of the day if you don’t back out. You can use any excuse. Your colleagues will believe you and the patient will later be thankful that they had to wait. In fact, go home. Just go home to your family and mourn this first loss. If you do that, the other two will live.” The doctor looked at the man and realized it was the same face he’d seen in the mirror before. However, the body of this person was also visible. He was emaciated, as if he were sick, malnourished or near death. The doctor shook his head and watched as the figure got up and left the room. Once outside the door, the Hispanic man placed a bar across the door to keep it from being opened from inside.

The doctor called maintenance, and between their efforts and that of security, they got him out of the room in time for his next procedure. He lost that patient as well.

One of his colleagues offered to do the next surgery for him, but he declined. This time, he got no warning, so his confidence returned. He lost that patient about three hours into the procedure. After the final loss, that is when the hospital administrator ordered him to go home. An hour later, he walked across the threshold of his home, nestled away in a secluded community and he was inconsolable for hours. Despite the efforts of his perky 6 year old twin children, the mechanics of his Pit Bull Terrier and his wife; he could not lift himself from his doldrums.

Stressed out doctor

Seven days later, while on administrative leave the doctor got a call. He answered the phone, his voice drained of emotion. He heard these words as soon as he lifted the receiver to his ear… “Hello doctor. I am sure you remember me from your last operations at the hospital. I am not trying to rub it in. But you were warned not to do those surgeries. Next time, maybe you will listen.”  The phone then went silent and the doctor collapsed to the floor.





Brown Palace Hotel – Denver, Colorado

There isn’t a hotel in the world, no matter how grand, that hasn’t had an unwanted or unwelcome guest at one time or another.

The Brown Palace Hotel, in Denver Colorado is a pretty grand place, and has been since 1892 when it was built by Henry Cordes Brown as his response to being denied entry to the Windsor Hotel; at the time Denver’s most renowned establishment, for being improperly dressed; he had come straight from his ranch and was still wearing his working cowboy attire.

Brown Palace Hotel Entrance

The hotel hasn’t closed for so much as a single day since it opened, and it has been the site of everything from the sublime to the ridiculous in that time.

It was here that the Denver Broncos were born; in the lobby of the hotel a prize bull was exhibited; it has been host to Presidents and rock stars and has taken everything the world has to throw at it, while still retaining its reputation as one of the finest hotels in Colorado, if not the entire United States.

However, even here there have been…and still are…a few unusual guests.

Socialite Ghost of Brown Palace Hotel

Room 904 was home to a famous Denver socialite for some 15 years, between 1940 and 1955. She was so well known that when the hotel started to offer tours to visitors, the room was included in the itinerary, with tourists being told of her life and her heartbreak over a lost love.

At just this time the switchboard started to receive calls from room 904. Nothing odd about that…except that the room was undergoing renovation at the time, and had no telephone line, no furniture and of course no-one in residence.

The hotel dropped the room and its tragic resident’s story from their tour, and the calls stopped.

With such a long and colourful history, the Brown palace has had its share of incident, and maybe some of the shades of its past still linger.

ghost of brown palace walking down stairs

There have been sightings of a man in an old-fashioned train conductor’s uniform crossing a hallway, then disappearing through a wall. The spot where this is reported used to house a railroad ticket office.

The service elevator is regularly occupied by a uniformed waiter, who is never seen to board the car or to leave it.

Children play in empty halls, and an infant can sometimes be heard crying in the boiler room.

Haunted Hallway at Brown Palace Hotel

And in the main dining room – now known as Ellyngton’s, but for many years called the San Marco room; a room which played host to big bands, and later to the San Marco Strings, who entertained diners and guests, a staff member recounts hearing strange noises coming from behind the closed doors of the room late at night. He went to investigate and found a formally dressed string quartet busy practising their repertoire.

He challenged them, saying “You’re not supposed to be in here”, and was given the reply “Oh, don’t worry about us. We live here”

The Brown Palace really is a wonderful hotel, full of wonderful stories and history and perhaps more than a few unexpected guests.

Atrium Interior of Brown Palace
Atrium Interior of Brown Palace

The Headless Bride at Yellowstone National Park

Once there was a lady who grew up in New York, her family was quite well-to-do as they were transporters for the area. In those days, rich youngsters were required to make their presentation in the public arena and to wed a well-off young person from a upper class family. At the same time this fair lady was a bit of a radical. When she became mature enough to wed, she despised the rich youthful society men and fell for a more established man who was filling in as a steward in her home.

Yet as I’m sure you’d have guessed there was a huge contention inside the family after the she had reported her decision of spouse. Her elders were irate, especially the patriarch, who blamed the steward for courting his little girl as a means to expedite and grow his position in the families business. Nonetheless, she demanded the marriage, her father gave the couple a large amount of money with the stipulation that they leave after the ceremony of marriage and never return.

When the newly wed couple arrived at the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone, the once steward had bet away the greater part of the cash that his wife’s family had presented to the love birds. There was not enough cash for the couple to complete their honeymoon, much less to purchase a house and begin their life together.

The young lady had became vexed with her spouse. They had argued constantly about money during the stint of the honeymoon, and by now, she realized that her father had been right about the insatiability of her new spouse. He was clearly more intrigued by her fortune than being with her. Still, they were now bankrupt and required something to pay the hotel and services here at Yellowstone, so she had not choice but to call on her parents for more funds to pay their bill.

Her mother nor father would not provide any relief. They declined any further involvement in the finances of the newlywed couple.

That evening, after she had been unable to produce any money from her family, the couple had a horrid battle in their hotel room. The new husband frenzied out of the Inn in an anger, leaving his lady in the hotel room. The woman did not come out of the room for days, after days had passed the staff finally had to enter the room as the bill had still laid unpaid and there had been no sign of activity from the room.

The maid knocked and of course as you guessed, there was no answer. The maid finally entered the room using the master key and gazed upon a horrific site. The room looked as though a mad bull had cleared through the inside. Garments were strewn all over, and the bedclothes were thrown on the floor. Even worse, the maid was practically smothered by the metallic smell that pervaded everything. There was no indication of the other half of the newlywed couple, yet the stink that wafted from the connected lavatory indicated at what the maid would find. Lying in the bathtub in a pool of dark soupy blood was the corpse of the poor newlywed bride, well at least most of what was once her young body. Her head had been removed and was nowhere in the room.

The maid’s shrills of horror alerted the rest of the hotel. The local police were brought in, the bride’s mother and father were updated on the status of their poorly misled late daughter and the room was washed leaving no indication of the horrors from just hours before. The detectives had done anything and everything they could have done to find the brutal killer but unfortunately he was nowhere to be found. Eventually, after some time passed, the entire story was quieted to avoid embarrassment to the family.

Bloody Bathtub

A couple of days after the news of the homicide, a horrid smell was noticed up in the Crows Nest where the musical artists frequently played, the smell was followed to its source: The spouse’s rotting head. Her blonde wavy hair surrounded her wide-peered gaze of horror. The stench was unbearable.

The funeral of the tortured bride ought to have been the end of the repulsive occurrence and that it proved to be until one late night when a hotel courtier up late studying heard a weird commotion originating from the foyer. It was the stroke of midnight when he rushed out onto the gallery and looked upward, looking for the source of his interruption. He found towards the Crows Nest, far above, and saw a shining figure in white gradually following the stairs downward from the Crows Nest. Tucked under its arm was a head! Solidified with horror, the man viewed the lady plummet the steps and hover along the passageway until she arrived at the entryway of her old room. At that point she vanished!

From that day ahead, there are individuals who say they can see the headless lady floating down the stairs from the Crows Nest at the stroke of midnight; tragically looking for her lost murdering husband and her lost dreams of happiness.

The Headless Bride Captured with NightVision Camera
The Headless Bride Captured with NightVision Camera