Back from the Dead


Back from the Dead is a scary story \ urban legend about a young wife who is stalked by an old man and disappears under mysterious circumstances.

So legend says there was a young woman named Esther who lived in Letcher County, Kentucky, in 1934. Her boyfriend was a young man named Ezra Jackson and the couple were very much in love.

However, there was an old man who had become obsessed with Esther. He was pestering her all the time and and asking her to marry him. She found him repulsive and didn’t want anything to do with him, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t get him to stop. He was stalking her and she was scared to death.

Eventually, she decided that if she had a husband, he might give up and leave her alone, so she married her boyfriend Ezra.

After the wedding, as the couple were driving home, the old man suddenly stepped out into the road in front of them. Ezra had to hit the brakes to avoid hitting him. The old man came up to Esther’s window and glared in at her.

“I’m going to die soon,” he growled, “but I’ll be back for you, and when I return, you’ll go with me…”

Ezra floored the accelerator and drove off at top speed, but Esther was freaked out and couldn’t stop thinking about what the old man had said.

A few days later, the old man was found dead in his home. His body was buried in the local cemetery. He had no friends or relatives and anyone who knew him had been afraid of him, so nobody mourned his passing.

A year after his death, on a snowy night in December, Esther was sitting in her living room, reading a book, when there was a knock at the front door. Her husband and his two brothers were in the kitchen.

“I’ll see who it is,” she called to them.

The three men heard her open the door, but they didn’t hear anybody come in. There were no voices, just an eerie silence.

After waiting for a few minutes, they went into the living room and found the door standing wide open. Esther was nowhere to be seen. When they looked outside, they found the tracks of her bare feet in the snow.

The three men quickly grabbed their coats and flashlights and set off in search of her. They followed the footprints for two miles, along the rough, snow-covered country road, until they came to the local cemetery. The footprints led through the gate and right up to the old man’s grave, where they vanished.

While his two brothers waited in the cemetery, Ezra went to fetch help. He came back with seven men from the village. It was midnight and the weather was freezing. Together, under the light of the flashlights and lanterns, they began to dig up the grave.

When they dragged out the coffin and opened it, they were horrified to discover it was empty.

Although a thorough search was made, no trace of the young wife or the old man’s body was ever found. And according to legend, to this day, the disappearance of Esther Jackson remains an unsolved mystery.


Legend of the House of Aramberri : Legend of the House of Aramberri


Legend of the House of Aramberri :

Legend of the House of Aramberri , this is a scary urban legend about a haunted house in Mexico and the horrible murders that occurred there.

There is a haunted house in Monterrey, Mexico that locals call La Casa de Aramberri or The House of Aramberri. It has been visited many times by paranormal investigators and they say that the souls of two women who were brutally murdered there can never rest in peace.

Today, House of Aramberri is very dilapidated and neglected, but many years ago, it was the home of the richest families in Monterrey. In 1933, a man lived there with his wife, Florinda and their daughter, Antonieta. Little did the happy family know that the house would soon become the scene of a horrible and vicious crime which was caused by human greed.

One morning, the father of the family went to work, leaving his wife and daughter alone in the house. Soon afterwards, three men broke in and attacked the two women. The burglars thought there was a large chest full of silver coins that was hidden in the house and they demanded to know the location. These men tortured the wife and daughter in the dining room and eventually killed them.

When the bodies were found, they say it was one of the most horrific, bloody and cruel crimes ever seen in the area at that time. The housewife and her daughter had been almost completely decapitated. Their heads were hanging on by a thread. The people of Monterrey were shaken and apalled by the brutal murder.

The police were faced with a very difficult investigation because there was no sign that the front doors had been forced and as there were no witnesses to the crime apart from the family pet.

However, the family pet was a parrot and it proved to be instrumental in capturing the murderers. While the police were examining the house, the pet parrot began screeching in Spanish, “No me mates, Gabriel! No me mates, Gabriel!” which means “Don’t kill me, Gabriel! Don’t kill me, Gabriel!”

They realized that the parrot was repeating the last words of its owner. The police then questioned the father and found out that his nephew’s name was Gabriel. They arrested the nephew and under questioning, he confessed to killing the two women. He told police that he had planned the robbery along with two brothers who owned a nearby butcher’s shop.

The three murderers were arrested by the police who gave them a special brand of justice that was supposedly sometimes applied in Mexico many years ago. They called it the “The Law of Flight” or “The Law of Escape”. The police drove the three criminals out into the desert, then allowed them to escape and shot them in the back as they fled. Their bodies were transported back to Monterrey and put on display so that all the people in the area could see.

Ever since that time, this Monterrey house has been plagued by many supernatural events. Many people reported seeing the ghosts of the two murdered women lurking in the dining room. Others said that, at night, they could often hear the terrible cries of the mother and daughter pleading with their murderers and screaming, “Don’t kill me, Gabriel! Don’t kill me, Gabriel!”

The main bedroom of the house contains a portrait of the mother and they say that her face changes and becomes completely disfigured. According to witnesses, a terrible tension can be felt in the house and, until you leave, you will be followed by the strong smell of sulfur.

According to the legend, those who have heard the screams of the two unfortunate women who lost their lives in this place, say that their souls will never rest in peace.

The story of the House of Aramberri has become famous throughout Mexico over the years and recently, the case got even more attention when a couple of reporters visited the house. They were looking for evidence of a haunting and when they left, the reporters were involved in a serious car accident. When recordings they had made were later reviewed, they could clearly hear distant cries and hollow moans on the tape.

The house had to be closed to the public because teenagers would often break in and trespass, hoping to witness some supernatural event. The authorities erected a big wire fence across the front of the house, but the interior is still visible from the street. Locals say that if you walk past the house at night, you can hear the cries of the souls who are in pai, and sometimes, if you look in the windows, you can catch a glimpse of the shadowy figures of the ghostly tenants who may never leave.


John Henry: The Steel Driving Man A West Virginia Legend

John Henry was a relentless man, yes sir. He was conceived a slave in the 1840’s however was liberated after the war. He went to act as a steel-driver for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad, don’t ya know. What’s more John Henry was the strongest, the most effective man working the rails.
John Henry, he would use his day’s penetrating openings by hitting thick steel spikes into rocks with his reliable shaker hunching near the gap, turning the drill after every forceful blow. There was nobody who could match him, however numerous attempted.
Historical Marker erected to memorialize John Henry at Big Bend Tunnel
That being said, the new railroad was moving along right speedy, much appreciated in no little part to the forceful John Henry. In any case approaching right smack in its way was a compelling adversary – the Big Bend Mountain. Presently the huge supervisors at the C&o Railroad concluded that they couldn’t go around the mile and a quarter thick mountain. No sir, the men of the C&o were going to experience it – penetrating directly into the heart of the mountain.
A thousand men would lose their lives before the extraordinary foe was won. It took three long years, and before it was carried out the ground outside the mountain was loaded with stopgap, sandy graves. The new shafts were loaded with smoke and dust. Ya couldn’t see no-how and could barely relax. Anyhow John Henry, he worked energetically, boring with a 14-pound sledge, and setting off 10 to 12 feet in one workday. Nobody else could match him.
At that point one day a sales representative tagged along to the camp. He had a steam-controlled bore and asserted it could out-penetrate any man. That being said, they set up a challenge without even a moment’s pause between John Henry and that there drill. The foreman ran that brand new steam-drill. John Henry, he recently hauled out two 20-pound pounds, one in each one hand. They bored and penetrated, dust climbing all over the place. The men were crying and cheering. Toward the end of 35 minutes, John Henry had penetrated two seven foot openings – a sum of fourteen feet, while the steam drill had just bored one nine-foot gap.
Statue of John Henry at Big Bend Tunnel
Statue of John Henry at Big Bend Tunnel
John Henry held up his mallets in triumph! The men yelled and cheered. The commotion was so uproarious, it took a minute for the men to understand that John Henry was tottering. Depleted, the strong man collided with the ground, the hammer’s moving from his grip. The swarm went quiet as the foreman hurried to his side. Yet it was past the point of no return. A vein had rush in his mind. The best driller in the C&o Railroad was dead.
A few people say that John Henry’s resemblance is cut directly into the rock inside the Big Bend Tunnel. Furthermore in the event that you stroll to the edge of the darkness of the passage, now and again you can hear the sound of two 20-pound sledges penetrating their approach to triumph over the machine.


Entrance of Big Bend Tunnel
Entrance of Big Bend Tunnel
Marker on John Henry Statue
Marker on John Henry Statue