The Ghost Children of the Wailua River

Welcome, dear readers, to the captivating island of Kauai, a veritable paradise known for its lush tropical landscapes and idyllic beaches. I am David Attenborough, and today we will venture into the heart of this island to explore an intriguing legend that has captivated the imagination of locals and visitors alike: the tale of the Ghost Children of the Wailua River.

The Wailua River, a winding watercourse that meanders through the verdant heart of Kauai, is more than just a picturesque attraction. It is said to be the haunted abode of the spirits of innocent children who met their untimely demise within its murky depths. This chilling story offers a stark contrast to the serene beauty of the island and serves as a poignant reminder of its tumultuous past.

According to local lore, these restless souls were offered as sacrifices to the ancient gods of the island by their very own tribes during times of great calamity. Their lifeless bodies were cast into the river’s dark embrace, where they remain, forever cursed to wander its shadowy banks.

Several documented encounters with the Ghost Children of the Wailua River have fueled the fascination with this haunting legend. In 1978, a local fisherman named Kimo reported seeing a group of translucent, ghostly children playing near the riverbank. As he approached, the apparitions vanished into the mist, leaving him with a chilling sense of dread.

Another encounter, in 1992, involved a group of hikers who had set up camp along the river. They were awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of children weeping. Upon investigating, they spotted a small group of spectral children standing at the water’s edge, their eyes filled with an eternal sadness. The hikers quickly packed up their belongings and left the area, too frightened to spend another night near the river.

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It is said that on the darkest of nights, when the veil between our world and the spirit realm is at its most fragile, the cries of the ghost children can be heard echoing through the misty air. Local residents claim to have seen their spectral forms, pale and translucent, their eyes filled with an eternal sadness.

But fear not, for these ghostly encounters are rare, and most visitors to Kauai will only experience the island’s mesmerizing beauty and enchantment. During your visit, you may even meet a local with more fascinating tales to share, adding to the rich tapestry of Kauai’s storied history.

As you explore the bewitching island of Kauai, remember to tread lightly near the Wailua River, for the ghost children are always watching, waiting to share their sorrowful story with those who dare to venture too close. And so, we are reminded that even in paradise, the echoes of the past can still be heard, whispering to us through the tales of the Ghost Children of the Wailua River.

 The Haunted Palace Theater in Hilo – A Bone-Chilling Tale from the Big Island of Hawaii 

This is another spine-tingling tale from the tropical paradise of Hawaii, where the sun-kissed beaches and lush landscapes conceal a sinister secret. Our eerie escapade takes us to the historic Palace Theater in Hilo, situated on the Big Island. This iconic theater, which first opened in 1925, is not only a revered cultural landmark but also the residence of several ghostly inhabitants. Join me as we uncover the blood-curdling history of the Palace Theater, its paranormal happenings, and the legends of its spectral occupants.

The Dark and Mysterious History of the Palace Theater

The Palace Theater, conceived by architect H.C. Hudson and constructed by the Hawaiian Amusement Company, first welcomed terror-stricken patrons on November 3, 1925. It quickly became a thriving epicenter of entertainment, featuring silent films, live performances, and musical acts that enthralled the people of Hilo. Over the decades, the theater has survived multiple catastrophes, including the devastating 1946 tsunami, which inflicted severe damage upon the structure. Nevertheless, the resilient Palace Theater has always managed to rise from the rubble and continues to serve as a cherished venue for the arts.

Spectral Residents of the Palace Theater

Rumors abound that the historic Palace Theater is haunted by a spine-chilling assortment of spectral tenants, each with their own unique tales of terror. Let us delve into the macabre mysteries surrounding these ghostly figures.

The Woman in White

One of the most infamous apparitions at the Palace Theater is that of a woman in white. Often spotted lurking in the balcony, she silently observes the theater’s activities. Some believe that she is the spirit of a former patron or employee, so enamored with the theater that she refuses to leave, even in death.

The Phantom Projectionist

Another eerie presence at the Palace Theater is that of a phantom projectionist. Numerous employees have reported hearing the chilling sounds of film reels and projectors emanating from the projection room, despite no one being present. It is said that the projectionist, who dedicated decades to the theater, remains so devoted to his craft that he continues to play films for an audience of the undead.

The Mischievous Child

A more playful spirit is rumored to haunt the theater halls: a young child. Theater staff and patrons have reported witnessing objects moving on their own, hearing the spine-chilling sound of a child’s laughter, and even feeling a gentle tug on their clothing. Some speculate that the child may have been a young performer or the offspring of an employee who once frequented the theater.

Paranormal Phenomena at the Palace Theater

Throughout the years, countless employees and visitors have reported spine-tingling experiences at the Palace Theater. These blood-curdling encounters include unexplained cold spots, flickering lights, the unnerving sensation of being watched, and disembodied footsteps echoing through the desolate halls. Some have even claimed to see full-bodied apparitions roaming the theater’s corridors, vanishing as quickly as they materialized.

All in all, the haunted Palace Theater in Hilo stands as a testament to the enduring power of the supernatural, as well as the rich cultural history of the Big Island of Hawaii. Whether you’re a paranormal aficionado or merely a lover of the performing arts, the theater offers a unique glimpse into a bygone era and the otherworldly enigmas that continue to captivate the imaginations of visitors and locals alike. So, the next time you find yourself on the Big Island, consider paying a visit to the Palace Theater.

Tear Catchers – For Those In Mourning


According to legend tear bottles were prevalent in ancient Roman times, when mourners filled small glass vials or cups with tears and placed them in burial tombs as symbols of love and respect. Sometimes women were even paid to cry into “cups”, as they walked along the mourning procession. Those crying the loudest and producing the most tears received the most compensation, or so the legend goes. The more anguish and tears produced, the more important and valued the deceased person was perceived to be.The bottles used during the Roman era were lavishly decorated and some measured up to four inches in height.

In ancient Persia it is said that when a sultan returned from battle, he checked his wives’ tear catchers to see who among them had wept in his absence and missed him the most.

Tear bottles reappeared during the Victorian period of the 19th century, when those mourning the loss of loved ones would collect their tears in bottles ornately decorated with silver and pewter. Special stoppers allowed the tears to evaporate. When the tears were gone, the mourning period would end.

However, the truth is perhaps somewhat different as most historians and archaeologists believe that these so-called “tear bottles” contained oily substances, perhaps fragrant ointments used as libations or to anoint the dead. Oddly enough, this theory was known well before modern chemical analyses, but so ingrained was the idea that these ancient bottles were “tear catchers,” that people simply chose to ignore the facts and believe the romantic Victorian idea that they were tear catchers. The myth likely began with archaeologists and an oddly chosen term. Small glass bottles were often found in Greek and Roman tombs, and early scholars romantically dubbed them lachrymatories or tear bottles.


Haunted Legend of El Paso High School


El Paso High School in Texas is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl who took her own life. There is a ghost photograph that, according to the legend, shows a ghost girl appearing in the high school class photo , not sure how legit the picture is but its an interesting legend nonetheless.

El Paso High School is one of the oldest buildings in El Paso, Texas and is plagued by a very strange and disturbing urban legend. As the story goes, there is a hallway on the fourth floor of the high school that has been closed off to the public for decades. Reports state that this hallway is covered in mist and fog every single day and there seems to be an unusual, sticky, gooey substance dripping from the ceiling.

At the end of the hallway, there is a staircase that leads to a balcony which has also been sealed off. The unusual activity is said to have started after a tragic incident that happened nearly 35 years ago. There was a young girl who was a cheerleader in El Paso High. She was dating a guy on the football team and, when he dumped her, she became distraught and depressed.

In a final savage act of desperation, they say she sliced her wrists open and then threw herself off the balcony, plunging to her death. Ever since then, some people claim to have seen the ghostly image of a young girl standing on the balcony, waving to them. Others say they witnessed her ghost jumping from the balcony and disappearing before she hit the ground.

The sounds of sobbing have been heard coming from the hallway, even though nobody is there and a few people have spotted a ghostly young girl, crying forlornly in the hallway. The rumors and legends about El Paso High being haunted have persisted for decades.

There is a trophy case just inside the original front entrance of the high school. It contains a class photo that was taken in 1985. Everyone in the photo shows up clear and distinct except for the figure of one young lady whose features are fuzzy and blurred. The other kids in the photo claim that there was no girl standing there when the picture was taken and nobody knows the identity of the young girl.

About 15 years ago, a few teachers and students were trapped in the school by a snowstorm. Having nothing else to do, they decided to explore the school, starting with the tunnels in the basement. They crawled through a small opening and eventually came to a brick wall that blocked the tunnel. The bricks were old and the cement between them was crumbling. Curious, one of the teachers pushed on the bricks until some of them gave way, revealing a large dark cavity. When they shone a flashlight through the hole, they realized that it was an old classroom that had been sealed off.

The unusual discovery surprised everyone. The classroom was very small and contained antique desks, old textbooks and even notebooks containing students writings. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust and nobody could explain why the classroom had been suddenly abandoned with everything left in place and why none of the students had returned to take their personal items.

One teacher picked up a dusty old notebook that was lying open on a desk. Flipping through it, he realized it was a diary that had belonged to a young girl. She had written pages and pages about her love for one boy in the school. There were little doodles of hearts, flowers and tears throughout. The final page in the notebook contained a chilling suicide note.

A few years ago, stayed after school to finish some work. By the time he was getting ready to leave, it was almost 11PM. He approached the exit and saw someone standing in the pool of dim red light cast by the exit sign. It was a young lady wearing a blue dress. Thinking it was one of his students, he asked her what she was doing there and told her to go home.

The girl turned and looked directly at him, her face bearing an expression of unbelievable sadness. As he walked toward her, he noticed that she was not standing on the floor, but rather hovering in mid-air. She began to fade away, gliding back into the darkness of the hallway before she disappeared completely.