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  1. i live in wilmington where is this huanted inn? and have you been to the abondon slughterhouse in leland?

  2. Hi,

    We kept getting a high EMF reading under that bed for only 5 minutes that night. We had one of our electricians check it out, and there was no logical reason for the sudden spike. I assume they wanted under the bed to “Hide,” from us.

  3. oooh the under the bed was pretty wild man!

  4. good pics and i liked the “what do you want from me” EVP but i dont realy beleive the EVP thingy but still great pics keep at it

  5. why would the want under the bed o.o?

  6. Sounds like me “What do you want from me”?

  7. This is great. Thanks for sharing. It almost sounds like the “I don’t” is a “get out”…….spooky.

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