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  1. It was a woman and she was driving on the eastern span towards Oakland.

  2. @coaldwin oh ya ive heared of that to they say that he gave a guy a ticket
    and when they went to pay the ticket the people their say its not really a
    real ticket or something

  3. I know that there was a woman also that was killed on the upper deck of the
    Bay Bridge during the 1989 quake. Apparently, she was picking up her
    brother from somewhere and they didn’t stop in time to miss the collapsed
    part and hit it going pretty fast and the car was dangling on the edge of
    the collapsed part. There is a video on here (youtube) showing it. They
    were in a red (or orange) car. THAT ALWAYS had me afraid to cross bridges
    for the LONGEST TIME. RIP to that lady and her family.

  4. It was a women who died in the 1989 earthquake.

  5. dis is str8 bull shit u know how many times ive been across that bridge..
    its nowhere near haunted.. fukin tourists..nicole is kinda hot thoe..

  6. @geedup415 LMAO foreal bra thats the first time I heard of anything like
    this.. I drive across that bitch daily and never seen shit

  7. you shouldnt drive and film at the same time…. that sounds like

  8. The girl in the front was extremely hot.

  9. “I’m filming and driving at the same time.” That’s just great… Lol.

  10. wow. and thats an understatement.


  12. Can I get 26 seconds of my life back?

  13. ..additionally, cudos to anyone capable of reporting such a wak sighting..
    I, for one, would certainly end up joining this “guy” on his jog because I
    would surely panic to the point of causing a fatal accident. It’s a
    horrifyingly fun short story though.

  14. That is full of crap! I passed by that Bay Bridge so many times and not
    heard a thing from people I know passing by. Must be high on something

  15. that’s the space mountain song! That’s funny!

  16. Yeah, my camera makes those light streaks too. Nothing paranormal about it.

  17. @kyliesayers Don’t ever call San Francisco “San Fran” or California ‘Cali’.

  18. in england were i am theres a same story about a cyclest who stops peaple
    and tells them to slow down when you stop to tell him to get stuffed hes
    gone very odd

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