The Haunting of the Old Spanish Bridge

Once upon a time in the far-off island of Guam, there lay a mysterious and eerie old structure known as the Old Spanish Bridge. The bridge, made of ancient stones and covered with moss and creeping vines, had long been the subject of numerous ghost stories and local legends. It had been built by the Spanish during their colonization of the island in the 18th century, and it was said to be haunted by the restless spirits of the long-dead Spanish soldiers and native Chamorro people who had met tragic ends.

The bridge was located deep within a dense forest, and only the most adventurous and daring would venture to explore its secrets. On a dark, moonless night, two curious teenagers, Maria and Juan, decided to set off on a journey to the Old Spanish Bridge to uncover the truth behind the whispered tales of its haunting. They had heard many accounts of ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices, and strange occurrences that could not be explained by any logical means. With flashlights in hand, they began their trek through the shadowy forest, guided only by the dim light of their torches and the distant sound of the Agana River.

As they walked deeper into the woods, the air around them grew colder, and an unsettling silence enveloped them. The trees seemed to whisper in the wind, and the shadows cast by their torches seemed to dance upon the forest floor. They could feel the weight of the darkness around them, as if the forest itself was watching their every move.

Finally, they arrived at the Old Spanish Bridge. It was an impressive structure, despite the centuries of decay and the relentless forces of nature. The massive stones, worn by time and weather, still stood strong against the current of the river below. Maria and Juan could feel the eerie atmosphere that surrounded the bridge, and they knew that they were not alone.

As they cautiously crossed the bridge, they began to hear faint whispers in the wind. The voices seemed to be calling out to them, begging for help, or perhaps seeking vengeance for some long-forgotten wrong. The air grew colder still, and a thick, unnatural fog began to rise from the river below. The ghostly mist enveloped the bridge, obscuring their vision and heightening their sense of unease.

Then, out of the fog, a figure emerged. It was a ghostly apparition, barely visible through the haze. The spirit was a tall, skeletal figure dressed in tattered Spanish soldier’s uniform, its eyes sunken and hollow, and its bony hand stretched out as if reaching for something—or someone. The ghost’s eyes met Maria and Juan’s, and they could feel the sorrow and pain that the spirit bore from its time on Earth.

The ghostly soldier began to speak, its voice barely audible over the howling wind. It told the story of a brutal battle that had taken place on the bridge centuries ago, between the Spanish and the native Chamorro people. The soldier had been a part of the conflict, and in the heat of battle, he had killed a young Chamorro girl who had been trying to protect her family.

Racked with guilt and unable to find peace in the afterlife, the ghost of the soldier remained tethered to the bridge, forever searching for the forgiveness that he could not find in life. Maria and Juan listened intently as the spirit recounted the horrors of the battle, the heartache of the families torn apart, and the devastation that had been wrought upon the island.

As the ghost finished its tale, Maria and Juan felt a deep sense of compassion and empathy for the spirit. They knew that they had to help the ghost find the forgiveness it sought so that it could finally be at peace. Together, they knelt on the bridge and said a heartfelt prayer for the souls of the soldier and the young girl, asking for forgiveness and understanding on their behalf. They prayed for all the lives lost in the battle and for the spirit to find solace in the afterlife.

As their prayer came to an end, the ghostly soldier’s eyes seemed to soften, and a hint of a smile appeared on its spectral face. The air around them began to warm, and the fog that had enveloped the bridge slowly dissipated. The spirit nodded gratefully at Maria and Juan, and with one final, longing look at the river below, it vanished into the night.

Maria and Juan remained on the bridge for a few moments, feeling a sense of closure and accomplishment. They had not only uncovered the truth behind the haunting of the Old Spanish Bridge but had also helped a tormented soul find peace. As they made their way back through the forest, they felt an overwhelming sense of serenity and a newfound respect for the power of forgiveness.

Word of their encounter with the ghost of the Old Spanish Bridge spread throughout the island, and the legend of the haunted bridge took on a new meaning. It became a symbol of the importance of forgiveness and understanding, a reminder of the tragedies that can occur when we allow hatred and division to rule our lives.

And so, the Old Spanish Bridge, once a place of fear and darkness, became a beacon of hope and redemption for the people of Guam, who would never forget the lessons they had learned from the ghosts of their past.

The Ghost Children of the Wailua River

Welcome, dear readers, to the captivating island of Kauai, a veritable paradise known for its lush tropical landscapes and idyllic beaches. I am David Attenborough, and today we will venture into the heart of this island to explore an intriguing legend that has captivated the imagination of locals and visitors alike: the tale of the Ghost Children of the Wailua River.

The Wailua River, a winding watercourse that meanders through the verdant heart of Kauai, is more than just a picturesque attraction. It is said to be the haunted abode of the spirits of innocent children who met their untimely demise within its murky depths. This chilling story offers a stark contrast to the serene beauty of the island and serves as a poignant reminder of its tumultuous past.

According to local lore, these restless souls were offered as sacrifices to the ancient gods of the island by their very own tribes during times of great calamity. Their lifeless bodies were cast into the river’s dark embrace, where they remain, forever cursed to wander its shadowy banks.

Several documented encounters with the Ghost Children of the Wailua River have fueled the fascination with this haunting legend. In 1978, a local fisherman named Kimo reported seeing a group of translucent, ghostly children playing near the riverbank. As he approached, the apparitions vanished into the mist, leaving him with a chilling sense of dread.

Another encounter, in 1992, involved a group of hikers who had set up camp along the river. They were awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of children weeping. Upon investigating, they spotted a small group of spectral children standing at the water’s edge, their eyes filled with an eternal sadness. The hikers quickly packed up their belongings and left the area, too frightened to spend another night near the river.

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realistic black and white photo of the Ghost Children of the Wailua River in hawaii

It is said that on the darkest of nights, when the veil between our world and the spirit realm is at its most fragile, the cries of the ghost children can be heard echoing through the misty air. Local residents claim to have seen their spectral forms, pale and translucent, their eyes filled with an eternal sadness.

But fear not, for these ghostly encounters are rare, and most visitors to Kauai will only experience the island’s mesmerizing beauty and enchantment. During your visit, you may even meet a local with more fascinating tales to share, adding to the rich tapestry of Kauai’s storied history.

As you explore the bewitching island of Kauai, remember to tread lightly near the Wailua River, for the ghost children are always watching, waiting to share their sorrowful story with those who dare to venture too close. And so, we are reminded that even in paradise, the echoes of the past can still be heard, whispering to us through the tales of the Ghost Children of the Wailua River.

Alicia’s Pillow


Alicia’s Pillow is a scary fictional story about a young girl who is struck down by a mysterious illness. It is inspired by an old horror story from Uruguay written by Horacio Quiroga.

There was a young girl named Alicia who moved, with her parents, to a new town. They rented a big, old house that was sparsely furnished. Alicia slept in the downstairs bedroom while her parents slept upstairs.

After they had been living there a few weeks, Alicia’s parents noticed that she was growing very thin. As the days went on, her health seemed to get worse and worse. Then, the poor girl came down with some mysterious illness and being so weak she was confined to her bed.

The doctor came to examine her and he told her parents that she was suffering from an extreme case of anemia. All she needed was some rest, and fluids he said, and soon she would be as good as new.

However, despite what the doctor said, Alicia’s condition continued to get worse and worse. Her skin was grey and pallid, her cheeks were sunken and there were dark circles around her eyes. She felt so weak she couldn’t even sit up anymore.

Her parents were distraught and had no idea what to do. While Alicia slept in her bed, her mother and father paced back and forth restlessly, wondering what could be the cause of her mysterious illness.

Day by day and hour by hour, the poor girl grew worse and worse. She was so weak, she could barely move at this point . Alicia was fading fast and the life was ebbing from her veins. She was deathly pale and her body was shriveled and withering away. She started to have hallucinations and began screaming out in terror and babbling incoherently in a weak voice.

Finally, Alicia lost consciousness and then later died. Her parents were inconsolable. They held a funeral service and buried their beloved daughter in the town cemetery.

The day after the funeral, Alicia’s mother was stripping the sheets off her daughter’s bed when she noticed something on the pillow. There were two red stains in the white material. When she picked up the pillow, she noticed it was unusually heavy, so she called her husband to come and take a look at it.

As the parents examined the pillow closely, the mother suddenly let out a scream. She felt something moving inside it. The father fetched a knife and slit open the pillow, emptying the feathers out on the floor.

As the parents watched in horror, something crawled out of the pile of feathers, slowly moving its hairy legs. It was a monstrous black spider, so swollen with blood that they could scarcely make out its mouth.

Night after night, as Alicia lay in bed, this hairy abomination had been stealthily sucking all of the blood from her body and slowly draining her life away.


Back from the Dead


Back from the Dead is a scary story \ urban legend about a young wife who is stalked by an old man and disappears under mysterious circumstances.

So legend says there was a young woman named Esther who lived in Letcher County, Kentucky, in 1934. Her boyfriend was a young man named Ezra Jackson and the couple were very much in love.

However, there was an old man who had become obsessed with Esther. He was pestering her all the time and and asking her to marry him. She found him repulsive and didn’t want anything to do with him, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t get him to stop. He was stalking her and she was scared to death.

Eventually, she decided that if she had a husband, he might give up and leave her alone, so she married her boyfriend Ezra.

After the wedding, as the couple were driving home, the old man suddenly stepped out into the road in front of them. Ezra had to hit the brakes to avoid hitting him. The old man came up to Esther’s window and glared in at her.

“I’m going to die soon,” he growled, “but I’ll be back for you, and when I return, you’ll go with me…”

Ezra floored the accelerator and drove off at top speed, but Esther was freaked out and couldn’t stop thinking about what the old man had said.

A few days later, the old man was found dead in his home. His body was buried in the local cemetery. He had no friends or relatives and anyone who knew him had been afraid of him, so nobody mourned his passing.

A year after his death, on a snowy night in December, Esther was sitting in her living room, reading a book, when there was a knock at the front door. Her husband and his two brothers were in the kitchen.

“I’ll see who it is,” she called to them.

The three men heard her open the door, but they didn’t hear anybody come in. There were no voices, just an eerie silence.

After waiting for a few minutes, they went into the living room and found the door standing wide open. Esther was nowhere to be seen. When they looked outside, they found the tracks of her bare feet in the snow.

The three men quickly grabbed their coats and flashlights and set off in search of her. They followed the footprints for two miles, along the rough, snow-covered country road, until they came to the local cemetery. The footprints led through the gate and right up to the old man’s grave, where they vanished.

While his two brothers waited in the cemetery, Ezra went to fetch help. He came back with seven men from the village. It was midnight and the weather was freezing. Together, under the light of the flashlights and lanterns, they began to dig up the grave.

When they dragged out the coffin and opened it, they were horrified to discover it was empty.

Although a thorough search was made, no trace of the young wife or the old man’s body was ever found. And according to legend, to this day, the disappearance of Esther Jackson remains an unsolved mystery.