Gravity Hill – Laurinburg, North Carolina

gravity hill richfield nc

North Carolina’s Gravity Hill is quite the mystery. It is true that life is often stranger than fiction, especially when things like this unexplainable anomaly perplex us, and the bizarre science of it all defies what we know about nature.

One such strange phenomenon exists in the Sandhills region of North Carolina and is called Gravity Hill.

In the city of Richfield, you’ll find a hill that as it’s namesake inclines, literally defies the laws of gravity. It is unknown if this behavior is caused by the paranormal or if it’s just an optical illusion, but many claim it is the result of confederate soldier ghosts being pushed and are still trying to get up that hill.

If you visit this location, you’ll see that there is definitive proof your car will go up the hill.

One version of the story is that years ago on a dark night, on Richfield Road, a young mother and her child were driving. Suddenly, her car stalled. Quickly, she got out and attempted to push the car up the hill to safety. Just as she reached the top, a truck carelessly sped along the dark street. Without time to properly brake, the truck struck the mother and child. Both died instantly.

But the mother and young child did not quite leave Gravity Hill. No, it seems the mother is continuously living that night over and over…but now, your car can be the one she pushes up the hill.

Stop at the bottom of Gravity Hill and put baby powder on the trunk of your car. Sit in your car and wait. Suddenly….you’ll feel your car being pushed up the hill. No…you’ll literally be going up the hill. But don’t freak out! Because once you get to the top…you’ll see handprints on the back of your car.

If you think this is the stuff of legends, just ask the hundreds of people who have tried this before…and experienced it for themselves!

And then there are those who like the science, the facts, and the ‘truth’ over a spooky story or a fun late night experience.

Their argument is that the hill is actually an optical illusion. While your eyes and sense of gravity perceive you as going uphill, the hill is actually going down.

Your car was never going uphill to begin with…you were just coasting on a downward slope while believing a mother and child ghost were pushing your car.

But sometimes science is proved invalid, and in this case…it’s up to YOU if you want to believe in fact, fiction, or mystery. You can find Gravity Hill in Richfield, adorned in graffiti with markers on the beginning and end.

If you want more proof….watch this YouTube video below.

Have you experienced Gravity Hill for yourself? What do you believe about this ‘mystery?’ Tell us your stories and thoughts in the comments!

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