The Lady in White: Hawaii’s Haunting Legend of Pali Highway

The Lady in White is a well-known ghost story that haunts the Pali Highway on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The legend tells of a beautiful woman dressed in a white gown who appears to drivers on foggy nights, often causing them to lose control of their vehicle. Her tragic story has been passed down through generations and continues to intrigue and terrify people to this day.

According to legend, the Lady in White was a newlywed who was driving on the Pali Highway with her husband when they got into a terrible accident. Her husband was killed in the crash, and she was thrown from the car and died shortly after. Her spirit is said to remain on the highway, searching for her lost love.

The Lady in White is said to appear to drivers on foggy nights, often standing in the middle of the road or by the side of the highway. Some have reported seeing her waving for help or even trying to get into their car. Others have reported hearing her ghostly screams and feeling a sudden chill in the air.

Many drivers who have encountered the Lady in White have reported losing control of their vehicle or experiencing mechanical issues with their car. Some believe that her ghostly presence is responsible for these incidents, warning drivers to be careful on the treacherous stretch of road.

Despite the eerie nature of the legend, there is no concrete evidence to support the existence of the Lady in White or her tragic story. However, the legend has become a part of Hawaii’s cultural heritage and continues to captivate residents and visitors alike.

The Lady in White has been featured in several movies and TV shows, including an episode of the popular show “Hawaii Five-O.” The story has also been adapted into various forms of art, including music and literature.

While the Lady in White may be a spooky legend, it also highlights the dangers of driving on Hawaii’s treacherous roads. The Pali Highway is known for its steep cliffs and sharp turns, and accidents are not uncommon. Drivers should take extra caution when driving on this stretch of road, particularly on foggy nights.

In conclusion, the Lady in White is a haunting legend that has captivated Hawaii for generations. While there is no concrete evidence to support the existence of the Lady in White or her tragic story, the legend continues to intrigue and terrify people to this day. The story serves as a reminder of the dangers of Hawaii’s treacherous roads, and the importance of safe driving practices.

Haunted West High School – Anchorage, Alaska

Some witness have seen a lady in white haunting the old auditorium of Anchorage’s West High School. The highschool is located on the south bluff overlooking Westchester Lagoon. The Lady in White has been seen time and time again for decades. She is sometimes seen standing in silence among the seats of the empty auditorium as if she is waiting for the show to begin, sometimes just escaping through corridors as if she is running from something, sometimes lurking around the corners backstage or in the dimly lit basement halls.

West Highschool Outside
West Highschool Outside

“I’ve never, ever seen a ghost in there and I can’t say I even believe in ghosts,” West theater teacher David Block told some of his past students. “I haven’t ever seen her, but enough people have seen her that I have to believe that something is going on.”

Block does however admit that the sightings do have an almost unbelievable consistency. He says that it is always a female who is wearing whispy white clothes and she always slips just out of sight when the witness attempts to investigate closer. There have been many reports which have varied from school staff to students. There have been several school officials, students who hadn’t previously known of the legend and even visitors. A good portion of the witnesses claim have no knowlede of the lady in white prior to their reporting of the encounter.

The lady in white however is not alone in her haunting of the West Highschool. Another phantom encounter has been reported of a former janitor who has been long deceased. The janitor was seen many times sweeping the lobby when no one should have been present. There have also been several reports of poltergeist type activities, such as footsteps clacking in empty halls, slamming doors, lights switching flickering on and off and even toilets flushing with no one in the bathrooms.

Scary Corridor








It was once reported that a stage-manager saw a student open an off-limits backstage door during a dress rehearsal and almost jumped out of her skin from fright. When the manager who saw her opened the door into the same space to confront the student for violating the rules, he saw that no one was there.

Another report is that two assistant principals and a security guard were shaken-up when a figure in white flashed by them in the dark, narrow corridor behind the balcony.

West Highschool Auditorium - Lady in White
West Highschool Auditorium – Lady in White

“To this day, one of those assistant principals will not talk about what happened, he simply refuses to discuss it,” Block said. “Even I don’t like going into the passage behind the balcony”.

Another incident is that a student was entering the supposedly empty theater last year with a group of classmates and she noticed a woman in white clothes standing above them glaring down from a balcony. When she motioned to her friend and asked, “Do you see her?”, the woman had vanished.

The student knew nothing of the legend of “the lady in white” before seeing her in the balcony.

This school is definitely experiencing a poltergeist armed with several spirits. As there is yet another story of a different spirit. The school has a basement vault which was formerly used as a rifle range but is now filled with props and costumes for plays. One time a female student reported that she had opened a door into a small side room and was screamed because she saw scary and strange man glaring at her. Some say that it could have been the janitor’s spirit but the girl claimed he was not wearing a janitor’s uniform.

One student threatened to drop the teacher’s class after hearing his story.

Haunted West High School Hallway
Haunted West High School Hallway, Anchorage Alaska

Block has admittedly spent time alone in the theater and sometimes at night he has heard footsteps up in the haunted corridor.