Axe Murder Hollow

axe man at axe murder hollow

Shirley and Ned were driving through a wooded empty section of highway. Lightning flashed, thunder roared, the sky went dark in the torrential downpour.

“We’d better stop,” said Susan. Ned nodded his head in agreement. He stepped on the brake, and suddenly the car started to slide on the slick pavement. They plunged off the road and slid to a halt at the bottom of an incline.

Pale and shaking, Ned quickly turned to check if Susan was all right. When she nodded, Ned relaxed and looked through the rain soaked windows.

“I’m going to see how bad it is,” he told Susan, and when out into the storm. She saw his blurry figure in the headlight, walking around the front of the car. A moment later, he jumped in beside her, soaking wet.
“The car’s not badly damaged, but we’re wheel-deep in mud,” he said. “I’m going to have to go for help.”

Susan swallowed nervously. There would be no quick rescue here. He told her to turn off the headlights and lock the doors until he returned.
Axe Murder Hollow. Although Ned hadn’t said the name aloud, they both knew what he had been thinking when he told her to lock the car. This was the place where a man had once taken an axe and hacked his wife to death in a jealous rage over an alleged affair. Supposedly, the axe-wielding spirit of the husband continued to haunt this section of the road.

Outside the car, Susan heard a shriek, a loud thump, and a strange gurgling noise. But she couldn’t see anything in the darkness.
Frightened, she shrank down into her seat. She sat in silence for a while, and then she noticed another sound. Bump. Bump. Bump. It was a soft sound, like something being blown by the wind.

Suddenly, the car was illuminated by a bright light. An official sounding voice told her to get out of the car. Ned must have found a police officer. Susan unlocked the door and stepped out of the car. As her eyes adjusted to the bright light, she saw it.

Hanging by his feet from the tree next to the car was the dead body of Ned. His bloody throat had been cut so deeply that he was nearly decapitated. The wind swung his corpse back and forth so that it thumped against the tree. Bump. Bump. Bump.

Susan screamed and ran toward the voice and the light. As she drew close, she realized the light was not coming from a flashlight. Standing there was the glowing figure of a man with a smile on his face and a large, solid, and definitely real axe in his hands. She backed away from the glowing figure until she bumped into the car.

“Playing around when my back was turned,” the ghost whispered, stroking the sharp blade of the axe with his fingers. “You’ve been very naughty.”

The last thing she saw was the glint of the axe blade in the eerie, incandescent light.

Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Road


Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Road are famous scary roads near the town of Melville in Long Island. They say the place is haunted and there are lots of scary stories, legends and myths associated with the area.

According to legend, Sweet Hollow Road and Mount Misery have been haunted as long as anyone can remember. It is a long, narrow, winding and dangerous road and there are a number of chilling urban legends associated with it. I Listed them below.

The Overpass:

The first legend is that three teenage boys killed themseles by hanging themselves off of the Northern State overpass bridge on Sweet Hollow Road in some kind of crazed suicide pact. They say that when you are driving down Sweet Hollow Road and pass under the bridge, if you honk your horn three times or flash your lights three times and look in your rear view mirror, you will see their lifeless bodies hanging from the overpass.

The School Bus:

There is another legend that on a dark and snowy night, a bus full of school children was driving across the bridge. The driver suddenly lost control and the bus slipped off of the bridge, crashing on Sweet Hollow Road and killing everyone on board.

Ever since then, people driving down the road at night have seen a group of faceless children walking along in the darkness. Others report seeing a bus full of children parked at night outside the graveyard. They say that if you drive under the bridge and put your car in neutral, the car will start to roll out from underneath the bridge. Some believe that this is the dead kids pushing your car out of harm’s way.

Mount Misery:

The legend is that back in the 1700s, there was a lunatic asylum on Mount Misery. At the time, care for the insane was very bad. The patients suffered brutal treatment and were abused horribly. They say you could hear their screams for miles around. One night, a female inmate set fire to her cell. Soon the entire mental asylum was in flames and it burned down with all the patients and workers trapped inside.

It is said that at night, you can see the ghostly figure of the woman who started the fire. She wanders down the side of the road, dressed in a white hospital gown, with messy unkempt white hair. Sometimes, she jump out in front of cars when they pass by. Some people claim to have seen burning ghosts fleeing from the grounds and heard their horrific screams and cries.

Sweet Hollow Cemetery:

There was a teenage girl named Mary who was with her boyfriend. They were out driving on Sweet Hollow Road when they got into an argument. Her boyfriend suspected her of cheating on him and in a fit of rage, he pushed her out of the moving car. She landed in the middle of the road and before she had a chance to get out of the way, another car came along and ran her over, killing her instantly.

They say she is buried in Sweet Hollow Cemetery and if you go to her grave at night and shine a light on her tombstone, she will appear. Sometimes she appears next to her tombstone and sometimes she appears in the forest across the road from the graveyard, watching you through the trees. If you see her, you will be struck dead before the morning comes.

The Cop:

Another urban legend about Sweet Hollow Road is that a police officer was shot and killed there years ago. They say that if you are driving on Sweet Hollow Road, sometimes you will get pulled over by the ghost of the dead cop. He comes over to you car, questions you and then lets you go. As the cop turns away and walks back to his car, you can see that the back of his skull is missing – blown out by a shotgun blast.

The Bloody Schoolhouse:

Another urban legend tells of a school that was on the corner of Sweet Hollow Road and Mount Misery Road. The school teacher killed all of his students with an axe, then locked the schoolhouse and set it on fire. When she found out what he had done, his daughter was so ashamed, she hung herself.

The Basket of Heads:

The last legend is that people used to see a man in dressed in rags wandering through the woods at night. In his hands he was carrying a basket of human heads. Apparently, there was a series of bizarre murders in the area and the killer was never caught. Many people believe that this is the ghost of the murderer. Others who have seen him claim he wears a checkered shirt and carries a bloody axe in his hand.