San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas


The oldest church in Texas holds El Mariachi Mass on Sunday, and is a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture. But come nightfall, you’d have to be something of a daredevil to enter its myth-ridden grounds. When construction workers started renovating the church in 1936, they unearthed bones, nails, and tattered military uniforms near the altar, which some believe belonged to three soldiers of the Alamo. Since the disturbing incident, visitors have reported shadowy figures and orbs in their photographs, as well as ghosts in the back of the church itself. Such otherworldly inhabitants include a man dressed in black and figures in hooded, monk-like clothing.

Fletcher Church Ghost – Fletcher, NC

Our story begins in the mountains of North Carolina, just south of Asheville in the town of Fletcher. Two young lovers had just gotten married when the War Between the States broke out, and the young man went north with a small band of Confederates to join the army.

Late one night soon afterwards, the new bride received a knock on her door. Dread filled her heart as she opened the door, and her worst fears were realized as she saw on her doorstep one of the young men her husband had gone off with to war, now barely recognizable through his bandages. The soldier handed her a letter her husband had written just a few days previously, as well as the Confederate cape that her husband had worn into battle, her husband’s sole possession at his death. Inconsolable, she took to wearing the cape where ever she went, and died of a broken heart just a few months later.

Calvary Episcopal Church, Fletcher, NC

Her spirit made its first appearance back in 1865, when she led a troop of yankees into an ambush near the town. The yankees had followed her along the road near the Calvary Episcopal Church, which was known to be used as housing by the Confederate soldiers. Though the yankees were soundly routed from the town, the retreating union soldiers were given orders to locate the young woman in order that she might be prosecuted for her treachery. While they had no luck, the soldiers may not have searched all that long, as the survivors of the ambush reported that the woman in question just vanished in front of their eyes as soon as the Confederate troops opened fire.

Townspeople said she acted in revenge of her husband’s death, and they say that she can still be seen out on the road near the church, her Confederate cape draped around her shoulders.

Directions: Take Exit 50 off of I-40 in Asheville, so that you are headed South on Highway 25, AWAY from the Biltmore House. The exit for 25A (to bypass Skyland), headed south, will work too, but I forgot to write that exit number down, sorry. Anyway, about 8.5 miles south on Highway 25, also called Hendersonville Road, you’ll cross over into Henderson County, and you’ll see a traffic light just ahead. The Calvary Episcopal Church is on your left just before you get to the light. The light is at the intersection of Hendersonville Road and Old Airport Road, and as you’ll realize if you go, neither road is a terribly good place to try riding a horse these days….

Fletcher Church, Fletcher NC

The Story of the Fletcher Church Ghost

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The Lights of Ravenel

As the story goes, three teenage boys were ran over by a logging truck on an empty stretch of road about twenty miles south of Charleston. The boys were buried behind a Baptist Church located along the same road. It is said that if you knock on the church door three times, and say “We want to see the lights” then repeat this process three times, the lights will appear to you on the stretch of road.

A newcomer to the area was told of the lights, and became curious to see them for himself, or to see if there was any truth in the story. So one night he went to the church with some friends at about 11:30pm. He went through the whole knocking procedure, and then they all went back out to the road to wait for the lights. There were several cars already parked on the side of the road, and a few came out of the church-yard after they did. About 12:30am, his friends in the car, all started freaking out. At the same time, the cars in front of them all took off. He looked up the road, and saw only what appeared to be a car (from a distance, the two headlights of a car appeared to the one light – this “one light” was what he saw). He yelled “It’s just a car”. His friends were visibly shaken. The guy in the passenger side just pointed down the road toward the light. He looked again, and this time almost wet his pants. The light had separated, not into two lights, but into three lights. The were lined up side by side, like three motorcycles getting ready to race. After that, they got out of there quick!

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