One of the most Haunted Cemeteries in the United States


Has only 82 plots, but that certainly hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States.

Established in 1840, the small area surrounding the cemetery was soon abandoned by the English homesteaders who relocated from Chicago to New England, leaving the graves behind. Originally named the Everdon Cemetery, the property belonged to Samuel Everdon, and even though there is 82 plots many of them were left unused. During the 1920’s, 1930’s Bachelor Grove was rumored to had been infamous dumping grounds for Chicago’s organized crime families. It was so isolated lagoon near the back of the abandon Cemetery that supposedly drew the mob’s attention. According to Legend it soon became the perfect place to fit hitmen, snitches, and people owning money with a pair of concrete permanent concrete shoes. Bachelor Grove is the most famous for the ghosts stories that surround the plot of land at the end of the long gravel road. One of the most famous images of a spirit was captured at the cemetery the “lady in white” or Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove is rumored to be the spirit of a woman who is buried next to her child. Often times she is seen wondering the cemetery with her holding her baby in her arms.

Lady in white is of course just one of many ghostly things eyewitnesses have seen at Bachelor’s Grove have come across an phantom farmhouse. The house appears as a picturesque white farmhouse in perfect condition before disappearing completely before your eyes. In 1870 a farmer died after he and his horse plowed to close to the Water’s edge. They both been spotted in spirit form years to come, continuing to plow the area of the lagoon. To this day, only when you call out to him he dissipates into nothing. Many paranormal experiences at Bachelor’s Grove peaked in the 1970’s-1980’s, people reported in 1984 reported seeing the ghostly of a monk walking slowly across the cemetery towards the road.

There is still reports of people seeing orbs of light, strange shadows, and the sound of arguing voices coming from the lagoon.
Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is a classic haunting and an iconic part of Chicago’s land history.


Stull Cemetery – Stull, Kansas

Located along the Great Plains, in the North East corner of Kansas lies the small town of Stull. With a population of less than 2,000, Stull is one of the smaller towns in all of Kansas. However, small Stull may seem, the town is renowned for being home to, what some people consider to be, one of the gates of hell.

Stull Cemetery Graves
Stull Cemetery Graves

Built in 1861, Stull Evangelical Church was funded by the members of the community. For decades the church and cemetery represented a primary assembly for many of Stull’s residents. It wasn’t until 1974 when a newspaper article from Kansas State University revealed the haunting legend of biblical proportions. It is said that the Stull Church is one of the only places on earth where the devil himself materializes several times a year. The spirits of those resting, whom died a violently, are said to roam the grounds with the devil during the Spring Equinox and Halloween. Students have reported “supernatural happenings” such as being touched by beings that were unseen, and others have experienced sudden recollections, or memory losses while visiting the grounds.

Stull Cemetery and Graveyards
Stull Cemetery and Graves

Many attribute the origination of the story to the witchcraft practices and black magic of pagans in the region. According to legend, these pagans summoned the presence of spirits which would haunt the territory for eternity. Contrary to popular belief, the town Stull is actually said to be derived from “skull” which legend holds was the original title of the location.

Stull Cemetery Building
Stull Cemetery Building

Others say that the devil makes his presence there because of a horrible tragedy which occurred in the 1870s. It is depicted that a hand at the local stable violently murdered the mayor of the settlement by stabbing him to death. In turn the stable was constructed into a church, where the inhabitants would gather for worship.

The legend of the Stull Cemetery has not gone unheard either. Pope John Paul II, while flying over the region, specifically requested for his plane not to pass over “the unholy ground”. Nevertheless, those residing in Stull Kansas continue to believe that these ghost stories are mere creations of youth and college students. Many inhabitants deny there ever being a community of witchcraft practicing pagans. However, if one considers that the inhabitants currently residing in Stull are descendants of these earlier settlers, there may be a reason why they continue to deny these unnatural occurrences.

Road Closed at Stull Cemetery
Road Closed at Stull Cemetery

As the rumors of the Devil’s presence continued to anger the citizens of Stull, some decided to take the matters into their own hands. Following an increased attraction of media coverage, Major Weiss, the proprietor of the grounds, mysteriously destroyed the old stone church. On one hand he claims that he did it because the structure attracted vandals onto his land. On the other hand, he might have been destroying what he thought to be one of the last passageways to hell. In any event, visitors from all over the country continue to attend the Stull Cemetery on Halloween. With no sightings of supernatural occurrences, some have completely abandoned the tales. However, the devil may only make his presence known to those he himself deems worthy of such an event; and who would expect them to speak up?

Demon at Stull Cemetery