15 terrifying Places in South Carolina

  1. Admiral’s House (Charleston Naval Base)
  2. Built in 1905, it not surprising that this house has a history. The story goes that at night you can see a small slave girl in a clump of trees on the property.

    Scary old plantation house, home of slave owners.
    Scary old plantation house, home of slave owners.

  3. Crybaby Bridge (Anderson, SC)
  4. Crybaby Bridge in Anderson South Carolina
    A bridge where you can hear the ghost of a dead babies cries.

    Too many tales to tell. However, it is said that if you stop on this bridge at night, cut off your car, you can hear the crying of a baby and see the mother walking the bridge looking for her child. My sister has personal experience with this phenomena and I have to say that I’ve never seen my sister so scared as when she is recounting the story of that night.

  5. Hell’s Gate/Oakwood Cemetery (Spartanburg, SC)
  6. Hell's Gate at Oakwood Cemetery
    Hell’s Gate at Oakwood Cemetery

    This cemetery has the honor of being known by most as probably the “most haunted place in South Carolina”. It is said that you will have phone problems during the day, i.e., the phone battery draining, a busy signal, phone ringing when it has been cut off. At night however, it is said you will see orbs, a white shrouding mist, and the laughter of children. NOTE: If you do go there after dark, know that it is notorious for homeless and vandal inhabitants.

  7. Montrose Cemetery (Darlington, SC)
  8. Montrose Cemetery in Darlington South Carolina
    Montrose Cemetery in Darlington South Carolina

    This cemetery has been explored by paranormal investigators and anyone brave enough to go there after dark. Established ca.1789, this cemetery has quite a history. People have said to have seen orbs, hearing children, the primal scream of a woman, a hulking black figure, and have noted that even though they were using the flash on their camera, the pictures came out pitch black.

  9. Salem Black River Church (Sumter, SC)
  10. Salem Black River Church (Sumter, SC)
    Salem Black River Church (Sumter, SC)

    This church is said to be haunted by a priest whose entire family died from the plague. In the back of the church is a small building that has been noted to have flickering lights and sometimes you can see the shadow of a man.

  11. White Point Gardens (Charleston, SC)
  12. White Point Gardens (Charleston, SC)
    White Point Gardens (Charleston, SC)

    There is so much going on here that I don’t believe I would be able to detail all of it. Let’s note that Charleston is rife with history so there is no surprise that there are hauntings in these gardens!

  13. The Hermitage (Murrells Inlet, SC)
  14. The Hermitage (Murrells Inlet, SC)
    The Hermitage (Murrells Inlet, SC)

    This site is home of a very sad story of a lost love. Alice Flagg (the sister of a prominent doctor), had fell in love with a lumberman whose lack of stature wasn’t acceptable within their family. After the painful love story, she had fallen ill and died of what was suspected to be malaria, her brother found the ring on a ribbon around her neck and threw it in the marshes. It is said that she still walks the grounds and she is clutching her chest hoping that one day she will find the ring that her true love gave her.

  15. South Carolina Lunatic Asylum (Columbia, SC)
  16. South Carolina Lunatic Asylum (Columbia, SC)
    South Carolina Lunatic Asylum (Columbia, SC)

    Built between 1822-1827, this asylum has been around long enough to conjure up quite many of it’s own ghost stories. Tales range from suicide to the torture of patients mentally incapable of defending themselves.

  17. Baynard Plantation (Hilton Head)
  18. Baynard Plantation (Hilton Head, SC)
    Baynard Plantation (Hilton Head)

    As the story goes, they say when you visit, you will hear or see the funeral procession of William Baynard passing by the old ruins of his former home. Many have seen and heard the apparitions but there have been no formal documentations.

  19. Cypress Garden Ruins (Monck’s Corner, SC)
  20. Cypress Garden Ruins (Monck’s Corner, SC)
    Cypress Garden Ruins (Monck’s Corner, SC)

    These ruins are actually from the set of the movie ‘The Patriot’. However, many people have reported an eerie presence when visiting the site, it is unclear but there was rumor of a death on the set at some point after the movie was filmed here.

  21. The Abandoned Mansion (Santee, SC)
  22. The Abandoned Mansion (Santee, SC)
    The Abandoned Mansion (Santee, SC)

    There are no known government records of this house nor documentation of when it was abandoned. It has been reported however, that upstairs lights have been seen flickering on and off.

  23. Old Train Buildings and Trestle (Smoaks, SC)
  24. Old Train Buildings and Trestle (Smoaks, SC)
    Old Train Buildings and Trestle (Smoaks, SC)

    Although the railroad is mostly gone and the buildings are falling down, the trestle does remain. It is said that you can sometimes at night still hear a ghost train coming down the tracks.

  25. Greenville’s Tuberculosis Hospital (Greenville, SC)
  26. Greenville’s Tuberculosis Hospital (Greenville, SC)
    Greenville’s Tuberculosis Hospital (Greenville, SC)

    This place has an immense history. At one point it was a tuberculosis hospital, at a later time an insane asylum, and later a prisoner release site before it eventually burned. Paranormal investigators have documented eerie voices and strange sounds at this location.

  27. Seven Devil’s Bridge (Woodruff, SC)
  28. Seven Devil’s Bridge (Woodruff, SC)
    Seven Devil’s Bridge (Woodruff, SC)

    This bridge has a history of seven men being hung here. Now, it has been reported that no one can cross this bridge at the stroke of midnight on foot or they will break down screaming and crying.

  29. Rose Hill Plantation (Union, SC)
  30. Rose Hill Plantation (Union, SC)
    Rose Hill Plantation (Union, SC)

    Just adjacent to Crybaby Bridge, Rose Hill Plantation has been reported to have quite a bit of it’s own paranormal activity. The plantation was built in 1827, the family lived, died, and was buried in a cemetery on the property. This property is a historic site and open to the public for a small fee.

South Carolina carries a rich and sometimes very dark heritage. If you’re interested in visiting any of these locations in South Carolina we encourage you to do so but please be sure to be safe and make sure the area is open to the public, otherwise you could be arrested for trespassing on public property.

Hope you enjoyed our list and please share below!

The Swamp Lady – Columbia, SC

ghost-lady-swamp A well-dressed woman has been reportedly seen walking down a dark highway in the middle of the extemely dense Congaree swampland near Columbia, SC. A couple riding by passed the woman and stopped to offer her a ride. The young woman accepted the ride explaining that she was on her way to Columbia to visit her sick mother.

The couple resumed driving and talking. The wife asked the young woman a question and when she received no response she turned around and discovered that she had vanished into thin air, leaving behind a eerie vapor mist in her seat.

Hysterically, the couple drove the rest of the way to Columbia. The wife was so upset that her husband had to take her to the hospital. Remembering the address of the young woman’s destination, the husband made his way to Pickens Street. An older lady answered the door and knew immediately why he was there. He was one of many people to have picked up the woman in the swamp only to have her disappear. As it turns out, the lady from the swamp and the woman on Pickens Street were sisters. The disappearing lady from the swamp was killed in an auto accident. Every year on the anniversary of her death she appears on the swamp road where she lost her life, still trying to find her way back home.

Third Eye Man – Columbia, SC

The “Third Eye Man” was first spotted on November 12, 1949, on the campus of the University of South Carolina. According to school records, a strange man dressed in bright silver was sighted opening “a manhole cover on the corner of Sumter and Green Streets, directly opposite of the historic Longstreet Theatre.” At 10:43 p.m., two male students watched as this man entered the sewer portal, and diligently pulled the manhole cover into its proper position. One of the students, Christopher Nichols (class of 1953), wrote for the Gamecock and immediately spread the news of this “Sewer man” — as he was called in the article. After a few weeks, any interest in the “sewer man” died down.

Almost six months later, on April 7, 1950, this “sewer man” was spotted again. A university police officer on patrol came across two mutilated chickens behind Longstreet Theatre. Feathers and chicken parts were strewed all over the loading dock of Longstreet. Believing that this mess was left by fraternity students or some other pranksters, the officer walked back to his car to report the scene. After calling into the station, the officer returned to the loading dock only to discover a silver man huddled over the chicken pieces. Immediately, the officer turned his flashlight on this man who looked up at the cop. In the beam of the light, the officer could make out a very disturbing face, grotesque in color and shape, and in the middle of this man’s forehead, a third eye! It wasn’t a large eye, but nevertheless, there was a third eye starring back at the cop! The policeman retreated from the scene and called in back-ups. When other officers arrived on the scene, there was nothing left on the loading dock except a few scattered feathers and bones. Of course, the cop who witnessed this “third eye man” was in hysterics, and was never able to convince the other officers of what he saw.

In the late 1960’s, the “catacombs” or underground tunnels at the University, were a favorite place for students. These tunnels connect most of the University. One night in early October, a group of fraternity guys decided to take three pledges down to the tunnels for a challenge. Entering the tunnels from the basement of Gambrell, the group of guys headed west towards the horseshoe. As they rounded the first corner, they were met by a “crippled looking man dressed all in silver” (according to police reports). This bizarre looking man charged at the students with a lead pipe, and suddenly the frat boys realized that this was no prank. One of the pledges, Matthew Tabor, was knocked to the ground by the creature, and suffered “minor cuts and minor shock.” Two of the older boys immediately went to the police department, and that evening, the first “third eye man-hunt” took place. After hours of searching the tunnels, the police came up with nothing. However, they did take precautions by sealing off most of the entrances to the catacombs, and by declaring the tunnels off-limit to any person, student, or faculty member.

According to one of the maintenance men who still works at the University today, “we don’t use the tunnels unless it is absolutely necessary.” There have been several sightings in the late 80’s and early 90’s, though most were dismissed by the University Police force. Those who are adventurous enough to climb down into the tunnels risk being suspended from school. Students WILL find a way into the catacombs from time to time, but there is always the possibility that they will come face-to-face with the ominous third eye man.

The Lights of Ravenel

As the story goes, three teenage boys were ran over by a logging truck on an empty stretch of road about twenty miles south of Charleston. The boys were buried behind a Baptist Church located along the same road. It is said that if you knock on the church door three times, and say “We want to see the lights” then repeat this process three times, the lights will appear to you on the stretch of road.

A newcomer to the area was told of the lights, and became curious to see them for himself, or to see if there was any truth in the story. So one night he went to the church with some friends at about 11:30pm. He went through the whole knocking procedure, and then they all went back out to the road to wait for the lights. There were several cars already parked on the side of the road, and a few came out of the church-yard after they did. About 12:30am, his friends in the car, all started freaking out. At the same time, the cars in front of them all took off. He looked up the road, and saw only what appeared to be a car (from a distance, the two headlights of a car appeared to the one light – this “one light” was what he saw). He yelled “It’s just a car”. His friends were visibly shaken. The guy in the passenger side just pointed down the road toward the light. He looked again, and this time almost wet his pants. The light had separated, not into two lights, but into three lights. The were lined up side by side, like three motorcycles getting ready to race. After that, they got out of there quick!

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