Haunted Legend of El Paso High School


El Paso High School in Texas is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl who took her own life. There is a ghost photograph that, according to the legend, shows a ghost girl appearing in the high school class photo , not sure how legit the picture is but its an interesting legend nonetheless.

El Paso High School is one of the oldest buildings in El Paso, Texas and is plagued by a very strange and disturbing urban legend. As the story goes, there is a hallway on the fourth floor of the high school that has been closed off to the public for decades. Reports state that this hallway is covered in mist and fog every single day and there seems to be an unusual, sticky, gooey substance dripping from the ceiling.

At the end of the hallway, there is a staircase that leads to a balcony which has also been sealed off. The unusual activity is said to have started after a tragic incident that happened nearly 35 years ago. There was a young girl who was a cheerleader in El Paso High. She was dating a guy on the football team and, when he dumped her, she became distraught and depressed.

In a final savage act of desperation, they say she sliced her wrists open and then threw herself off the balcony, plunging to her death. Ever since then, some people claim to have seen the ghostly image of a young girl standing on the balcony, waving to them. Others say they witnessed her ghost jumping from the balcony and disappearing before she hit the ground.

The sounds of sobbing have been heard coming from the hallway, even though nobody is there and a few people have spotted a ghostly young girl, crying forlornly in the hallway. The rumors and legends about El Paso High being haunted have persisted for decades.

There is a trophy case just inside the original front entrance of the high school. It contains a class photo that was taken in 1985. Everyone in the photo shows up clear and distinct except for the figure of one young lady whose features are fuzzy and blurred. The other kids in the photo claim that there was no girl standing there when the picture was taken and nobody knows the identity of the young girl.

About 15 years ago, a few teachers and students were trapped in the school by a snowstorm. Having nothing else to do, they decided to explore the school, starting with the tunnels in the basement. They crawled through a small opening and eventually came to a brick wall that blocked the tunnel. The bricks were old and the cement between them was crumbling. Curious, one of the teachers pushed on the bricks until some of them gave way, revealing a large dark cavity. When they shone a flashlight through the hole, they realized that it was an old classroom that had been sealed off.

The unusual discovery surprised everyone. The classroom was very small and contained antique desks, old textbooks and even notebooks containing students writings. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust and nobody could explain why the classroom had been suddenly abandoned with everything left in place and why none of the students had returned to take their personal items.

One teacher picked up a dusty old notebook that was lying open on a desk. Flipping through it, he realized it was a diary that had belonged to a young girl. She had written pages and pages about her love for one boy in the school. There were little doodles of hearts, flowers and tears throughout. The final page in the notebook contained a chilling suicide note.

A few years ago, stayed after school to finish some work. By the time he was getting ready to leave, it was almost 11PM. He approached the exit and saw someone standing in the pool of dim red light cast by the exit sign. It was a young lady wearing a blue dress. Thinking it was one of his students, he asked her what she was doing there and told her to go home.

The girl turned and looked directly at him, her face bearing an expression of unbelievable sadness. As he walked toward her, he noticed that she was not standing on the floor, but rather hovering in mid-air. She began to fade away, gliding back into the darkness of the hallway before she disappeared completely.


Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Road


Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Road are famous scary roads near the town of Melville in Long Island. They say the place is haunted and there are lots of scary stories, legends and myths associated with the area.

According to legend, Sweet Hollow Road and Mount Misery have been haunted as long as anyone can remember. It is a long, narrow, winding and dangerous road and there are a number of chilling urban legends associated with it. I Listed them below.

The Overpass:

The first legend is that three teenage boys killed themseles by hanging themselves off of the Northern State overpass bridge on Sweet Hollow Road in some kind of crazed suicide pact. They say that when you are driving down Sweet Hollow Road and pass under the bridge, if you honk your horn three times or flash your lights three times and look in your rear view mirror, you will see their lifeless bodies hanging from the overpass.

The School Bus:

There is another legend that on a dark and snowy night, a bus full of school children was driving across the bridge. The driver suddenly lost control and the bus slipped off of the bridge, crashing on Sweet Hollow Road and killing everyone on board.

Ever since then, people driving down the road at night have seen a group of faceless children walking along in the darkness. Others report seeing a bus full of children parked at night outside the graveyard. They say that if you drive under the bridge and put your car in neutral, the car will start to roll out from underneath the bridge. Some believe that this is the dead kids pushing your car out of harm’s way.

Mount Misery:

The legend is that back in the 1700s, there was a lunatic asylum on Mount Misery. At the time, care for the insane was very bad. The patients suffered brutal treatment and were abused horribly. They say you could hear their screams for miles around. One night, a female inmate set fire to her cell. Soon the entire mental asylum was in flames and it burned down with all the patients and workers trapped inside.

It is said that at night, you can see the ghostly figure of the woman who started the fire. She wanders down the side of the road, dressed in a white hospital gown, with messy unkempt white hair. Sometimes, she jump out in front of cars when they pass by. Some people claim to have seen burning ghosts fleeing from the grounds and heard their horrific screams and cries.

Sweet Hollow Cemetery:

There was a teenage girl named Mary who was with her boyfriend. They were out driving on Sweet Hollow Road when they got into an argument. Her boyfriend suspected her of cheating on him and in a fit of rage, he pushed her out of the moving car. She landed in the middle of the road and before she had a chance to get out of the way, another car came along and ran her over, killing her instantly.

They say she is buried in Sweet Hollow Cemetery and if you go to her grave at night and shine a light on her tombstone, she will appear. Sometimes she appears next to her tombstone and sometimes she appears in the forest across the road from the graveyard, watching you through the trees. If you see her, you will be struck dead before the morning comes.

The Cop:

Another urban legend about Sweet Hollow Road is that a police officer was shot and killed there years ago. They say that if you are driving on Sweet Hollow Road, sometimes you will get pulled over by the ghost of the dead cop. He comes over to you car, questions you and then lets you go. As the cop turns away and walks back to his car, you can see that the back of his skull is missing – blown out by a shotgun blast.

The Bloody Schoolhouse:

Another urban legend tells of a school that was on the corner of Sweet Hollow Road and Mount Misery Road. The school teacher killed all of his students with an axe, then locked the schoolhouse and set it on fire. When she found out what he had done, his daughter was so ashamed, she hung herself.

The Basket of Heads:

The last legend is that people used to see a man in dressed in rags wandering through the woods at night. In his hands he was carrying a basket of human heads. Apparently, there was a series of bizarre murders in the area and the killer was never caught. Many people believe that this is the ghost of the murderer. Others who have seen him claim he wears a checkered shirt and carries a bloody axe in his hand.


The USS Lexington


The USS Lexington
Has had a very long history of service to our great Nation. It was one of the major aircrafts carriers during WW11. Many times it was target of kamikazes and torpedo attacks. It got the nickname of “the blue ghost” because Tokyo rose radio broadcasters made constant claims the Lexington had been destroyed. Of course this was not true, prompting the Japanese to call it a ghost ship since it always returned to battle. It was decommissioned in 1947 and sits in Corpus Christi, Texas as a popular tours attraction.

Many stories have emerged from tourists and former crew members aboard the ship. One such story is of a ghost name Charlie who resides in one of the engine rooms many tourist have complemented on the wonderful tour guide while in engine 2 dressed in full navy uniform. But, there is no tour guide as it is a self guided tour through the ship. There has also been reports of smelling food while going through the kitchen or hearing noises and screams while passing through an area where soldiers died. Many paranormal teams have investigated the ship as well finding evidence of some kind of presence aboard the ship. Ghosts or not visit the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, Tx. You will get some great history from the ship or perhaps your own ghost story.


Legend of the House of Aramberri : Legend of the House of Aramberri


Legend of the House of Aramberri :

Legend of the House of Aramberri , this is a scary urban legend about a haunted house in Mexico and the horrible murders that occurred there.

There is a haunted house in Monterrey, Mexico that locals call La Casa de Aramberri or The House of Aramberri. It has been visited many times by paranormal investigators and they say that the souls of two women who were brutally murdered there can never rest in peace.

Today, House of Aramberri is very dilapidated and neglected, but many years ago, it was the home of the richest families in Monterrey. In 1933, a man lived there with his wife, Florinda and their daughter, Antonieta. Little did the happy family know that the house would soon become the scene of a horrible and vicious crime which was caused by human greed.

One morning, the father of the family went to work, leaving his wife and daughter alone in the house. Soon afterwards, three men broke in and attacked the two women. The burglars thought there was a large chest full of silver coins that was hidden in the house and they demanded to know the location. These men tortured the wife and daughter in the dining room and eventually killed them.

When the bodies were found, they say it was one of the most horrific, bloody and cruel crimes ever seen in the area at that time. The housewife and her daughter had been almost completely decapitated. Their heads were hanging on by a thread. The people of Monterrey were shaken and apalled by the brutal murder.

The police were faced with a very difficult investigation because there was no sign that the front doors had been forced and as there were no witnesses to the crime apart from the family pet.

However, the family pet was a parrot and it proved to be instrumental in capturing the murderers. While the police were examining the house, the pet parrot began screeching in Spanish, “No me mates, Gabriel! No me mates, Gabriel!” which means “Don’t kill me, Gabriel! Don’t kill me, Gabriel!”

They realized that the parrot was repeating the last words of its owner. The police then questioned the father and found out that his nephew’s name was Gabriel. They arrested the nephew and under questioning, he confessed to killing the two women. He told police that he had planned the robbery along with two brothers who owned a nearby butcher’s shop.

The three murderers were arrested by the police who gave them a special brand of justice that was supposedly sometimes applied in Mexico many years ago. They called it the “The Law of Flight” or “The Law of Escape”. The police drove the three criminals out into the desert, then allowed them to escape and shot them in the back as they fled. Their bodies were transported back to Monterrey and put on display so that all the people in the area could see.

Ever since that time, this Monterrey house has been plagued by many supernatural events. Many people reported seeing the ghosts of the two murdered women lurking in the dining room. Others said that, at night, they could often hear the terrible cries of the mother and daughter pleading with their murderers and screaming, “Don’t kill me, Gabriel! Don’t kill me, Gabriel!”

The main bedroom of the house contains a portrait of the mother and they say that her face changes and becomes completely disfigured. According to witnesses, a terrible tension can be felt in the house and, until you leave, you will be followed by the strong smell of sulfur.

According to the legend, those who have heard the screams of the two unfortunate women who lost their lives in this place, say that their souls will never rest in peace.

The story of the House of Aramberri has become famous throughout Mexico over the years and recently, the case got even more attention when a couple of reporters visited the house. They were looking for evidence of a haunting and when they left, the reporters were involved in a serious car accident. When recordings they had made were later reviewed, they could clearly hear distant cries and hollow moans on the tape.

The house had to be closed to the public because teenagers would often break in and trespass, hoping to witness some supernatural event. The authorities erected a big wire fence across the front of the house, but the interior is still visible from the street. Locals say that if you walk past the house at night, you can hear the cries of the souls who are in pai, and sometimes, if you look in the windows, you can catch a glimpse of the shadowy figures of the ghostly tenants who may never leave.