The Haunted Hotels From Around the World for Your Halloween Night

Boo!! ‘Tis the season once more, when everything scary, silly and strange becomes really cool (and we’re not talking about the American presidential election). Happy Halloween everyone!! October 31 is fast approaching and the gross and ghoulish will be out and about, looking for candy and trying to scare the bejeezes out of you. Seeing it’s about that time, to relate tales from the crypt, who are we to not pander to the masses and give our very own chilling list of haunted hotels from around the world.

During our extensive research we were surprised to find that Europe and North America seem to have an inordinate amount of spirits who just don’t want to leave their former residences (though we’re thinking with the recent economic downturn, many may change their minds and finally move on). Even so, there are places to stay around the world where spooks and specters float in the night…. Here is our top 13!

The Nottingham Road Hotel (South Africa)

What’s the best way to keep good staff? Don’t let them leave. This hotel in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa has a barmaid who apparently decided the tips were just too good. The barmaid’s spirit has been known to move pots around the pub, open beer taps, ring a service bell (which was supposedly no longer in working order) and has even been attributed to deflating tires of certain guests. They were poor tippers of course.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (USA)

There are so many haunted hotels in the United States, it was tough to pick just a few. We picked this one because it’s just so cool. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California is supposedly home to the ghosts or Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. Marilyn is said to haunt a full length mirror that was once in a room she was known to frequent. Guests have reported catching glimpses of the blonde bombshell in the mirror as they pass. Clift stayed in room 928 while filming From Here to Eternity and guests have reported being able to hear him pacing and rehearsing his lines.

Buma Inn (China)

The Chinese take their spirits seriously, and this one at the Buma Inn in Beijing seriously wants revenge. Apparently a guest at the Inn was poisoned by the chef and subsequently died. The chef was so upset about it, that he then killed himself afterwards. The murdered guest is said to be seen roaming the halls forever in search of the chef, looking to inflict his revenge.

Breakfast Creek Inn (Australia)

According to the Brisbane Visitor’s Guide this Brisbane hotel is apparently known to almost the entire population of Australia. If that wasn’t weird enough, it’s apparently haunted as well. It was built in 1889 by William Galloway, the former Lord Mayor of Brisbane. One night, apparently drunk, he fell from a second floor window to his death in 1895. Having undergone many renovations since then, his ghost is said to have been seen and heard wandering the older, original portions of the hotel.

Toftaholm Herrgard (Sweden)

Once home to a baron this hotel in Toftaholm, Sweden is haunted by a young boy. The boy, a commoner, fell in love with the baron’s daughter. The baron disapproved and arranged for his daughter to be married to someone else. On the day of the wedding, the boy hung himself in the rafters. His spirit is said to haunt room 324 where the rafters once were.

Genting Highlands Resort (Malaysia)

Located just north of Kuala Lumpur, this popular resort and casino has apparently seen its fair share of suicides by those distraught after incurring gambling debts at the tables. Various visitors have related stories of seeing a man jump from the top of the hotel only to vanish before hitting the ground. It’s also said there are rooms in the hotel that are not available to stay in no matter what the occupancy level of the hotel because of the strong presence of otherworldly spirits.

Ballygally Castle Hotel (Ireland)

It’s a castle, therefore it must be haunted. The Ballygally Castle Hotel is haunted by Lady Isabella Shaw, who was imprisoned here in the 17th century for the horrible crime of giving birth to a daughter instead of a boy. So distraught, she apparently jumped to her death clutching her daughter. Her ghost is said to be heard wandering the halls, knocking on doors…while holding her crying baby. Creeeeepy.

Dragsholm Slot – Hotel (Denmark)

Another castle (go figure), this one located in Sealand, Denmark is home to three ghosts; the Gray Lady, White Lady and the Earl of Bothwell. The Gray Lady is apparently a maiden who was so devoted to the castle she returns nightly to check on the grounds. The Earl of Brothwell was captured here in the 1500’s and imprisoned in the cellar where he subsequently went mad and died, now forever to wander the halls. The White Lady is a daughter of one of the former owners who fell in love with a commoner. Her father found out about the illicit affair and imprisoned her in the castle. During renovations in the 1930’s a skeleton in a white dress was found behind one of the walls lending credence to the tale.

The Stanley Hotel (USA)

We like creepy movies, and Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” is as creepy as they come. Based on the Stephen King novel, King himself based the Overlook Hotel in his book on The Stanley Hotel in Park Estes, Colorado. The Stanley is said to be haunted by its original owner F.O. Stanley and his wife Flora. Stanley’s ghost has been seen wandering the lobby, bar and Billiard Room while Flora continues to play the piano in the Music Room. Guests have reportedly heard music coming from the room. When they open the door the keys are seen moving on the piano as well, but as soon as they go closer to investigate, the music stops.

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Canada)

Set in picturesque Banff, Alberta the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is said to be haunted by a ghost bride. Legend has it that a bride was walking down the grand staircase to the lobby for her wedding reception. The “train” on her gown apparently brushed against one of the numerous candles used to light the lobby and caught fire. In her panic, she apparently tripped and fell down the stairs, breaking her neck. Her ghost has been seen wandering the halls still in her dress. Just more proof that eloping is the best choice.

The Savoy Hotel (India)

Famous as the inspiration for Agatha Christie’s first novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles, the Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie, India is apparently haunted by its former owner, Lady Orme. Murdered by sipping on some strychnine mysteriously placed in her medicine bottle, Ms. Orme’s murderer was never found. Her ghost has reportedly been seen aimlessly walking the halls of her old hotel.

The Langham Hilton Hotel (England)

An iconic hotel in the middle of London, the Langham is reputedly one of the most haunted hotels in the world, with as many as 7 different ghosts seen from time to time. Some of the ghosts are dressed in Victorian clothing, one of the ghosts is said to be that of a German soldier, another is said to be the ghost of doctor who murdered his wife and then killed himself, and the Emperor Louis Napolean III is said to haunt the basement. Room 333 is supposed to be the most haunted of all, in which a BBC reporter watched a specter appear from a floating, glowing ball, right in front of his eyes.

The Queen Mary (USA)

It’s a boat, a hotel and it’s haunted. How cool is that! The former luxury liner was bigger and faster than the Titanic in her day and was used to transport troops in World War II. Now permanently docked in Long Beach, California and converted to a floating hotel, the Queen Mary is reportedly home to various different ghosts. The boat has been the site of 49 deaths, so there could be a few ghosts to choose from. There is the sailor crushed behind Door 13 of the engine room, now seen roaming the halls only to disappear behind the very same door that killed him, there are the women in 30’s style bathing suits seen sitting around the first class pool (though the pool has been closed for decades) and there’s the little girl who drowned in the second class poolroom, often seen (and heard) in the area while clutching a teddy bear. There is apparently more, but we’re just too freaked out to continue talking about it.

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Haunted Hawaii.. Oahu Ghost Tours Take You to the Edge

Interested in Haunted Hawaii?

On Haunted Honolulu’s Oahu Ghost Tours, guests are taken to some of the most haunted places on O’ahu, if not in all of the islands. The tour takes you close-up and allows you to witness firsthand these very unique places…from the much feared Night Marchers, to the places where sacrifices were made to ancient gods and goddesses of Hawai’i, and to the more modern haunts, like those of old hospitals that housed sick children during World War II. From orbs, to extreme and instant temperature changes, to anomalies that seem to have no source…. Many of these places are history by day, and haunts by night!

I have been on this tour a number of times, and I can tell you first hand that the guides are very experienced – absolute experts at telling the stories of these spooky places. All stories are true, and all sites are real. Historical and ancestral information is used, as well as eye witness accounts. Hawaiian ghost tours are not like the typical ghost tours you may be familiar with on the mainland or in other locations around the world. As Hawaiians have their own way of dealing with the supernatural, you may see and witness several ceremonial events at the places visited. All of these events are important to the Hawaiian and their personal beliefs. Please be respectful of these. Also, some of the sites visited may not have a particular story behind the actual haunt. The location may be just a reputed hotspot where paranormal activity is extremely high and ghosts have made it their home for a reason that cannot be explained.

Oahu Ghost Tours have three different tours available.

The first is a walking tour called Honolulu City Haunts. On this tour, you’ll be visiting several locations in Downtown Honolulu where supernatural events are still happening today. From visiting the former residence of Hawaii’s monarchy, to the location of a terrible modern day murder, close encounters are always possible! This is approximately a one mile walk, so I recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

The second tour called Orbs of Oahu is a driving tour. If ‘chicken skin’ is what you’re looking for, this is the tour for you! On this very intense and spooky tour, you’ll be taken around the southern part of the island as you make dead stops at some of the island’s most haunted locations of all. Many of these sites are modern day haunts, and many were made that way from terrible events of the past. This tour includes a visit to the infamous and very haunted site called Morgan’s Corner, made famous in countless books and tales.

Finally, for those who want to experience ancient Hawaii, from the dwelling places of the Fire goddess, Pele, to sacred places built overnight by Hawaii’s legendary little people, the Mehehune, to ancient petroglyphs, Oahu Ghost Tours® has a day tour called Sacred Spirits. On this 4 to 5 hour tour, you’ll visit some of the most sacred Native Hawaiian spots on Oahu.

Bring a camera (fast speed film recommended), and be prepared for what may lie ahead. I know this will be one of the most exciting tours you’ve ever experienced!

Aloha ~

A native Hawaiian (kānaka) and student at Hawaii University, Going2Oahu writes articles and maintains several websites dedicated to Hawaii travel including the Hawaii Cruise Superstore and the Going2Oahu Hawaii Travel Blog.

Hauntings: a Paranormal Perspective

If we searched for the meaning of paranormal we would find reference to psychic sense, telekinesis, Near death experiences, and many others. Paranormal basically means that which stretches beyond our normal realm of understanding. It is a phenomena that can not be classified with any scientific methods nor has clear cut answers that can be logically concluded.

In the class of paranormal or super natural comes the term of haunting. The term instantly draws up images of “ghosts” . Long stereo typed as a passed soul so unsettled they wander the earth in sheets or chains bellowing boo at every living person they came into contact with. The ideas of ghost or haunting has matured over time and moved past a lot of these stereo typical images , although still very much misunderstood, an openness has invented a need to further explore this realm of the Haunted.

There are several classifications of hauntings that most commonly known ghostly like disturbances fall under. They are in no means the infinite answers, as paranormal itself is still something that holds not any proven answer as it is defined. So we need to keep ourselves open to not having all the answers. I am going to give a brief overview of the currently common known types of hauntings, and how they manifest.

1. Residual energy or memory hauntings.

These types of hauntings appear to be repeats of events, memories that seem to be carried out in an almost scripted type reaction. Like playing a movie over and over again. This type of haunting usually involves a repeat of the same type of activity on a regular basis. The most common type of haunting, does not usually involve an actual spirit or ghost. It is believed to be energy from some type of event, usually significant in ones life that becomes imbedded in its surroundings of that time. Perhaps tragedy or even that of great joy can become so strong in its energy that it builds a “life” of its own. Like a tape player the event plays out over and over again.

2. Human or intelligent haunting

I use human loosely as this can also involve any once living creature. These types of hauntings are able to show some sort of communication in real time. It is believed to be a spirit or intelligence that is still aware of what is going on in the current surroundings and time. They often make responses to communication, or disruptions in their environment. Some classify this type of haunt as uncrossed spirit, or trapped. I would not make an assumption that this is always the case. Some records of ghostly intelligent hauntings have shown to be a communication of some type of warning or a message of hope to those left behind. Like the use of a medium in relaying that message, not all intelligent classified hauntings are seeking our help, they may be their to try to help. In terms for our topic though, these actual intelligent hauntings you would find to be able to communicate in some form and not sticking to one particular routine as in a residual haunting.

3. Poltergeist or noisy ghost

These types of haunting seem to lead more to the belief that they are either an attachment to a living being or an actual manifestation by a living being. In most cases of poltergeist activity objects move, and things are disturbed in a focus around a particular individual. The common ingredient is usually an adolescent, female is the most the most common. Some link this type of paranormal phenomena to the mind of a disturbed living being, either suffering from depression, rage or even possibly abuse. Another angle on this leads to the next type of haunting as a entity or ghost may attach to somebody fitting this criteria as a means of feeding off their energy or using it to aid in their own manifestations.

4. Inhuman or “demonic” haunting

I will touch this type of haunting from an outward pre defined perspective , I do not fully agree or disagree with the way this is described or referred. In general terms of haunting , as something that disturbs or disrupts the “norm” this type of haunting is classified as primarily malevolent. Like an intelligent haunting, this haunting involves the presence of something with intelligence but the difference is in the belief that this type of intelligence has never been in human form. Often associated with things that are summoned, as with a Ouija board or other dimensional tool, this type of haunting usually begins as harmless play and grows increasingly more frightful. It is believed this inhuman entity is usually angry, or holds hatred for human life, and seeks to cause harm , physically and emotionally through fear. These types of hauntings can appear as some class as a demonic form, resembling a “devil”. They can link to such things as the ideas of possession.

5. Nature Spirits

This may or not be felt it belongs in hauntings at all but I think it is a part that is rarely addressed and needs to be looked at. Nature spirits like the last type, are not what is classed as ever being human. A highly intelligent haunting that is rarely seen and little known about. Nature spirits fit’s a wide range of beings looked at as something from a fairytale or a child’s imagination. In the case of haunting again as a frightful type happening, these nature spirits are usually associated with a particular area as a form of guardian or caretaker. They seem to dwell in certain places frightening those who try to enter their “sacred” spaces. This is a general classification, as sometimes these nature spirits depending on their type may fit as well in the inhuman type haunting and attach for no known reason or origin to certain place, person at any given time. However in most cases the presence of a natural spirit is linked to a place having some type of historical or sacred significance in common folklore. Common types of nature spirits include, fairies, sylphs, elves, gnomes and even trolls to name just a few.

There are probably more classifications out there that can be parts of these types of hauntings or separate all on their own. This is in general how hauntings are classed. In perspective, as a sensitive, this may not be how I see everything or have experienced. I do hope it opens a door for communication and perhaps a deeper research independantly or jointly with groups.

I am the founder of The spirit moon. My goal is to bring people of every walk of life, no matter your religion or culture,to a place of open understanding , exploration and learning in the fields of the paranormal.I have founded a new age social networking community designed to bring like minded people together and provide the opportunity for development for every person in what interests them about the psychic and spiritual world.