The Swamp Lady – Columbia, SC

ghost-lady-swamp A well-dressed woman has been reportedly seen walking down a dark highway in the middle of the extemely dense Congaree swampland near Columbia, SC. A couple riding by passed the woman and stopped to offer her a ride. The young woman accepted the ride explaining that she was on her way to Columbia to visit her sick mother.

The couple resumed driving and talking. The wife asked the young woman a question and when she received no response she turned around and discovered that she had vanished into thin air, leaving behind a eerie vapor mist in her seat.

Hysterically, the couple drove the rest of the way to Columbia. The wife was so upset that her husband had to take her to the hospital. Remembering the address of the young woman’s destination, the husband made his way to Pickens Street. An older lady answered the door and knew immediately why he was there. He was one of many people to have picked up the woman in the swamp only to have her disappear. As it turns out, the lady from the swamp and the woman on Pickens Street were sisters. The disappearing lady from the swamp was killed in an auto accident. Every year on the anniversary of her death she appears on the swamp road where she lost her life, still trying to find her way back home.