In October 1969, two men identified only as L.C. and his business associate, Charlie, were driving north from Abbeville, Louisiana toward Lafayette on Highway 167. As they were driving along the nearly empty road, they began to overtake what appeared to be an antique car travelling very slowly. The two men were impressed by the mint condition of the nearly 30 year-old car as it looked virtually new, and were puzzled by its bright orange license plate on which was stamped only “1940.” They figured, however, that the car had been part of some antique auto show.

As they passed the slow-moving vehicle, they slowed their car to get a good look at the old model. The driver of the old car was a young woman dressed in vintage 1940’s clothing, and her passenger was a small child likewise dressed. The woman seemed panicked and confused. L.C. asked if she needed help and, through her rolled up window, indicated “yes.” L.C. motioned for her to pull off to the side of the road. The businessmen pulled ahead of the old car and turned onto the shoulder of the road.

When they got out however the old car had vanished without a trace. There were no turn-offs or anywhere else the vehicle could have gone. Moments later, another car pulled up to the businessmen and, quite puzzled, said he had seen their car pull off to the side… and the old car simply vanished into thin air.


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  1. I’ve heard cars pull into my driveway, car doors shutting, to only look out and see nothing. Great story.

  2. Love time travel stories , this is one of my favourite’s. I’ve had several of them myself , two of which my young daughters were in the car with me .. it’s a very odd experience, and the feeling you have whilst experiencing it , is both exciting and crisp , almost crackled… Thank you Paul for sharing this very cool story

  3. My husband and myself had something similar happen to us one Sunday afternoon whilst out in the countryside it happened on a road tl a village called Great Longston which is outside Sheffield we went round the roundabout and up a hill when in front of us was a vintage coach my husband tried to overtake it and it pulled out to prevent it any this went on for a while, Paul my husband managed to eventually get past by putting his foot down. On that rd there is a humpback bridge the car flew through the air we noticed a car coming towards us so he took evasive action too but a very long story short we found out it was a ghost coach filled with people which crashed and everyone died. Good read Paul thank you for sharing.

  4. I lived in Lafayette for years and traveled that same stretch of road many times. I’ve seen things… South Louisiana is very haunted.

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