On any given day El Pasoans drive swiftly along the I-10 and barely notice the dreary desert patch of cemetery below.  The Concordia Cemetery was a place where in the 1880’s families would drive the few miles from the booming downtown area to bury their dead.  This cemetery embodies El Paso’s history with its many haphazard gravestones loosely sitting in El Paso’s desert soil.

Concordia Cemetery, El Paso TX
Concordia Cemetery, El Paso TX

Does the wild west come out at night as John Wesley Hardin comes out of his caged-up plot to stir-up havoc on those that rest in the plots around him?

Concordia Cemetery and those that have witnessed the paranormal activity that confines itself within its rocky walls, hold the truth to its past.  There are ghost tours held courtesy of the Paso del Norte Paranormal Society with the backing of Concordia Heritage Association.   These tours are not meant for the faint at heart, but caters to those that may long to experience something of a ghostly nature.  If you walked away from the tour without witnessing anything paranormal you still will not be disappointed because you will have experienced the history of El Paso and learned about those that haven’t truly rested amongst the dead residing at Concordia Cemetery.


Video from El Paso Ghost Tours – Provided by the Paso Del Nortel Paranormal Society


Famous Concordia Cemetery Resident John Wesley Hardin

John Wesley Hardin was a gun slinging outlaw that was the epitome of the Wild West stories portrayed by dime novels. Hardin was addicted to gambling, drinking, and killing. Hardin killed for the first time at the young age of 15 years old in 1868, his victim was a former slave. Hardin did time in prison for the convictions of multiple murders, he served 15 years and 5 months. While incarcerated he studied law, which is what brought him to El Paso, where he started his own law office, but returning back to his old habits of drinking, gambling, and killing, which ultimately led to his death. John Wesley Hardin was shot in the back by John Selman. They were in a heated argument when Selman shot Hardin as he threw dice at the bar of the Acme Saloon.
More on Concordia Cemetery and the Ghost Tours & Gun Fights

Fun Video w/ photos from the Concordia Cemetery at night

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