As I drove down the infinitely dark street, I cursed my old friends. “A curious little tavern in the middle of nowhere,” they said. Well they got that part right, there was not one indication of civilization to be seen out in these parts. Just after that, I finally got a glimpse of a building not far off. Human life! finally!
I slowed down and pulled up to the round building. My headlights lit up various motorcycles parked in front of it. They were having an old motorcycle gang meetup, I thought as I pulled in and went to the entryway.
The celebration was going full swing as I ventured through the large entryway. The inside of the building was loaded with drunken couples wearing the ensembles of old western wear. It was surreal.
A giant unshaven beast of a man clasped me on the shoulder in welcome and gave me a mug of lager. I took a taste and after that swallowed it down willingly. It was the best brew I’d ever tasted. At that point a brunette with gorgeous brown eyes pulled me by the hand and hauled me out onto the floor. I was flying high, dancing, drinking, and grooving about.
Around midnight, the band enjoyed a break and I remained with my new acquaintances before a large round of drinks. “Provide for us a toast to the night,” laughed my intoxicated lady.
“To a delightful night,” I said, noisily. “Favorable luck and long life to everybody present.”
Old Tavern
Old Wisconsin Tavern
The swarm of people went quiet when they heard my words. A stillness developed, streaming over like a wave, until you could have heard a pin drop. As I looked uneasily about me, I saw the skin gradually peeling far from the joyful faces, until all that remained were bone, dead skin, and empty eye sockets. The young lady in my arms was only a skeleton in a rotten blue dress. With a gasp of horror, I dropped my mug and jumped far from the skeleton. The mug hit the floor with a blast. What’s more the lights went out. I shouted in dread and fumbled in reverse, hammering into a stinky, noxious heap of dry hay. I desperately attempted to find my path to the exit. As my eyes acclimated to the darkness I recognized the exit way. I surged towards them, shriveled and boney hands snatching at me as I ran. At that point I was out in the moonlight and running to my car.
I jumped into the car and made the path as quickly as I could go. My headlights lit up a condemned shelter with a large portion of its roof missing and support beams drooping inward. I slammed the pedal to the floor and drove as quick as possible.
Some way or another, I discovered my way home and used the rest of that anxious night stirring with the light on in my room.
Up until today I have no clue where I was. I heard later that people in Vernon County once in a while hear bizarre music coming over the hills around evening time, however nobody can recognize its source.
Inside my mind, I can still see the beautiful faces of the people partying the night away in that busted old tavern.

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