Goat-Man’s  Grave – Located in Rolla, Mo

Between Rolla and St. James is Pine Hill Cemetery, home of the legend of the Goat-Man. This area is also known as Spook Hollow by the residents of St. James. Most visitors to this cemetery after dark have reported seeing phantom cars that fly down the road and then disappear. Photos taken in the area won’t develop and flashlights stop working altogether. Down the other side of the road lie the remains of an old bus. Red glowing eyes have been seen from the bus, although some believe it is light refraction from broken glass. The bus apparently at one time was the home of a vagrant psychopath. Many visitors describe feelings of being watched and uneasiness around the bus area. Could his spirit be watching from the bus or is it light refraction? No one knows for sure. Other phenomenon include the strange footprints of the Goat-Man. They’re supposedly larger than a bear’s and don’t resemble anything human. These footprints have been seen all over the cemetery. Legend has it that the Goat-Man was born to a witch who practiced satanism. She is supposedly buried in the cemetery as well. Strange, in human voices have been heard as well. People who don’t respect the cemetery have been known to leave the cemetery with burn marks on their clothes and scratch marks on their arms and legs. There is also a local man who takes it upon himself to scare away trespassers. Many attribute the phantom cars to him. He is considered dangerous and not to be messed with. Maybe he’s protecting the secrets of the Goat-Man’s grave.



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