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  1. I’m not saying this isn’t real, but I always love how they manage to see ghost in the pitch black dark. The guy with night vision on his camara didn’t see it, but the guy with nothing did. Lol of course I haven’t seen this episode besides this clip, so I might be missing something.

  2. Every ghost I’ve ever seen was not transparent, I don’t know what that means to anyone but they have looked like flesh and blood people but only for a flash and they were gone

  3. To define what most people believe ghosts to be is state a large worldview of many people. This is that many people sincerely believe that ghosts are the souls of other people who had dies and those souls, as ghosts are now walking the earth. At least they are floating near the ground as ghosts.
    Nevertheless, in the light and information of the Bible it’s clear that after a person dies, he or she, will go to either heaven of hell. So the soul of that person can’t be walking on the earth or floating near the ground. Therefore, what are called ghosts are, in reality according to the Bible, are actually evil spirits, called demons who are impersonation the dead to discredit the teaching of the Bible with its doctrine of either heaven of hell. So in other words, those sly, insidious demons are very deceitful and cunning and are thus masquerading as the dead. Those demons hope their deception will also distract people interest way from the Bible study and towards occult studies.
    Moreover such demons have been watching and observing humans and their activities for centuries. So those wicked spirits know of past human behavior, this includes the actions of person long since dead. Therefore , for example , this explains how a sincere but misled and deceived person may say “This had to be my grandfather Robert because only he and my dad and me know about that secret event.”
    In conclusion, Its and wise thing not to believe in what every spirit may say , First John 4:1. , but to view things and claims in the light of the Bible Isaiah 8:20. Which Jesus as the only way to heaven John 14:6. “Jesus said unto them ‘ I am the way the Truth and the Life: No one comes to the Father expect by me.’ ”

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