Videos and photos of ghosts and spirits.

People love to claim proof of the afterlife anytime they find something out of the ordinary on film. This used to be a bit more prominent prior to the age of digital photography, with older camera equipment you had a much larger chance of double exposures and lens flares, which was probably a major contribution to most of the claims. Below you will find our collection of ghost images and videos; some are user submitted and some we have came across on the web.

Are they real? You be the judge.

Ghost Hunters Clip

This clip was shown on the ‘Ghost Hunters’ TV show in 2004. The video was shot in Pennsylvania Eastern State Penitentiary, and shows what appears to be a ghostly ‘phantom’ figure moving towards the camera, then away from it again. The figure seemed to be wearing a black cape, and moves in an unnatural manner. The TV show’s film crew didn’t believe that this was someone playing a prank, and if there is an alternative explanation for the figure, it is by no means obvious.

Barton Mansion Video Clip
This video was shot in Barton Mansion during a visit by three people in 2001. The footage shows what appears to be an entity of some sort emerging from a door on the right hand side. More information on this video can be found at

The Parco Hotel
The G.I.S. was conducting an investigation at The Parco Hotel in Sinclair Wyoming. You will see an orb float around Barbaras feet as she’s dancing. Since this was an old 30’s style hotel (now vacant) we decided we would recreate the atmosphere of “The big band days” and take along some music associated with the times. We hoped this would cause a reaction with the ghosts that haunted the location.

30 Ghost Sitings (Combined Clips)

A collection of the top 30 ghost videos caught on tape.

Ghost behind crying man at cemetery
A man is bending over a grave crying while a ghost tries to caress him from behind.


Source – – Ghost Investigation Society