The East End Ghouls Historic Parkersburg, West Virginia


The East End Ghouls

Historic Parkersburg, West Virginia, is best remembered today for the Blennerhassett Island plot, in which Aaron Burr and wealthy Parkersburg patrician Harman Blennerhassett were accused by President Thomas Jefferson of conspiring to create a private empire west of the Ohio River. Many claim that Blennerhassett Island is now haunted because of all this intrigue and many deaths. One of the strangest stories about Parkersburg involves the ghouls that supposedly haunt Holliday Cemetery in the city’s East End.

According to legend, strange occurrences began because 19th-century Parkersburg was a terminus for the all-important Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O). This made Parkersburg a bustling hub for businessmen and owners, who came and went with train loads of the state’s coal. Many stayed the night at the Rowland Boarding House, which was also in the city’s East End. Not long after midnight one day in June 1888, railroad workers were heading toward the Rowland Boarding House when they were approached by what they claimed was a 6 ft tall apparition covered in a white funeral shroud. Emitting a deep, nonhuman groan, the creature glided toward the men over the B&O tracks until it reached the Rowland house and disappeared.

When this story was published in the local papers, a man named Mr. Crolley, who worked for the Camden Consolidated Oil Company, decided to see if the story was true. For two nights, Mr. Crolley stalked the ghoul. The story is that on the first night, the ghoul chased Mr. Crolley all the way to the Rowland Boarding House, where it paused before turning back toward Holliday Cemetery. On the second night, Mr. Crolley watched in horror as the ghoul was joined by another apparition dressed in black. Again, the ghouls made for the boarding house before disappearing at the cemetery. The East End ghouls haven’t been seen since 1888. But these two apparitions, which supposedly stank of death and decay, remain fixtures of Parkersburg folk lore.


The Goat Man’s Grave of Rolla, Missouri


Goat-Man’s  Grave – Located in Rolla, Mo

Between Rolla and St. James is Pine Hill Cemetery, home of the legend of the Goat-Man. This area is also known as Spook Hollow by the residents of St. James. Most visitors to this cemetery after dark have reported seeing phantom cars that fly down the road and then disappear. Photos taken in the area won’t develop and flashlights stop working altogether. Down the other side of the road lie the remains of an old bus. Red glowing eyes have been seen from the bus, although some believe it is light refraction from broken glass. The bus apparently at one time was the home of a vagrant psychopath. Many visitors describe feelings of being watched and uneasiness around the bus area. Could his spirit be watching from the bus or is it light refraction? No one knows for sure. Other phenomenon include the strange footprints of the Goat-Man. They’re supposedly larger than a bear’s and don’t resemble anything human. These footprints have been seen all over the cemetery. Legend has it that the Goat-Man was born to a witch who practiced satanism. She is supposedly buried in the cemetery as well. Strange, in human voices have been heard as well. People who don’t respect the cemetery have been known to leave the cemetery with burn marks on their clothes and scratch marks on their arms and legs. There is also a local man who takes it upon himself to scare away trespassers. Many attribute the phantom cars to him. He is considered dangerous and not to be messed with. Maybe he’s protecting the secrets of the Goat-Man’s grave.







Mrs. Delburt Gregg of Greggton, Texas, told of her encounter with a shapeshifting creature in the 1960 issue of Fate. The other surveyed sightings below are of creature that looked like man-wolves but no one have seen one becoming another. Mrs. Gregg have not seen a man turned into a wolf but she has actually came closer then anyone else in telling a tale that sounds like a chapter from a werewolf novel than a real life experience.

Mrs. Gregg said that one night in 1958 when her husband was on a business trip, she moved her bed close to a screen window hoping to catch some cool breeze from a thunderstorm brewing on the south western horizon. She heard a scratching sound from the window shortly after she fell asleep. In a flash of a lightning, she saw a huge, shaggy, wolf-like creature clawing at the screen and staring at her with baleful, glowing, slitted eyes. She saw its bared white fangs.

The creature fled from the yard into a clump of bushes as she leaped from her bed to grab a flash light. Mrs. Gregg said “I watched for the animal to come out of the bushes, but after a short time, instead of a great shaggy wolf running out, the figure of an extremely tall man suddenly parted the thick foliage and walked hurriedly down the road, disappearing into the darkness.”

( Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting)

Mark Schackelman was driving east of highway 18 near Jefferson, in southeastern Wisconsin on an evening in 1936 when he saw a figure digging in an Indian mound. He saw a hair covered creature that is over six feet tall with both ape-like and dog-like features with pointed ears standing erect. Its hands have shriveled thumb and a forefinger on each and also three fully formed fingers.

Schackelman went back to the sighting the next evening hoping to see the creature again and he did. The creature was making “neo-human” sounds with a three syllable growling. Years later, his son who is a Kenosha newspaper editor, wrote that his “father’s first sighting.

( Werewolf Creature in Ohio)

Between July and October 1972, a number of residents of Ohio allegedly saw a werewolf-like creature. Some people reported encountering a six to eight-foot tall creature that a witness described as “human, with an oversized, wolf-like head, and an elongated nose.” Another said it “had huge, hairy feet, fangs, and it ran from side to side, like a caveman in the movies.”

(Werewolf Attack Reported in New Mexico)

Four Gallup, New Mexico, youths allegedly encountered a “werewolf” along the side of a road near Whitewater one day in January 1970. One witness reported “It was about five feet seven, and I was surprised it could go so fast. At first I thought my friends were playing a joke on me, but when I found out they weren’t, I was scared! We rolled up the windows real fast and lock the doors of the cars. I started driving faster, about 60, but it was hard because that highway had a lot of sharp turns. Someone finally got a gun out and shot it. I know it got hit and fell down, but there was no blood. I know it couldn’t be a person because people cannot move that fast.”

(warewolf skin walker)

Skin-walker is another name for a werewolf that the Navahos of the southwest. In 1936, in Yale Publications in Anthropology, anthropologist William Morgan recounted an interview with a Navaho identified only as Hahago. Hahago said of skin-walker “They go very fast.They can go to Albuquerque in an hour and a half” – a four-hour trip by automobile, according to Morgan.

(Red Eyed Werewolves of Pennsylvania)

In the fall of 1973 western Pennsylvania played host to dozens of reports of strange apelike creatures, sometimes seen in association with UFOS, said to have (in one witness’s words) “fire red eyes that glow in darkness.” To be seven to eight feet tall, and gives off a strong unpleasant odor. “Another type of creature” investigator Stan Gordon noted, “was said to be between five and six feet tall. It was described as looking just like an extremely muscular man with a covering of thick dark hair. Again in these reports, the arms were very long and hung down past the knees. This creature appeared to have superior agility exceeding that of a deer. From footprints discovered, the stride of creatures varies between 52 and 57 inches. In these reports there was no indication of odors.”

(Wisconsin Werewolf Attack)

On October 31, 1991 at 8:30pm, a woman drove on Bray Road near Delavan, Wisconsin which is approximately thirty miles south-southeast of Jefferson(site of Schackelman encounter in 1936), felt her right front tire jump off the pavements if it had hit something. The woman stopped her car and looked into the misty darkness and saw a dark hairy creature with a bulked-out chest racing towards her. She went back into her car and tried to speed away when the creature leaped onto her trunk. The creature eventually fell off from the trunk because the trunk was too wet to have a firm grip. Later, the woman returned with a friend and they had a glimpsed of a big form rising from the side of the road.

( Wisconsin Werewolf Encounter)

Lorianne Endrizzi had a similar encounter as above in the fall of 1989. She was driving on Bray Road, a half a mile away from the above encounter, where she thought it was a person kneeling in a haunched position at the edge of the road. She slowed down and to her surprise, the figure stared at her at no more then six feet across the passenger side of the car. The figure was covered with grayish brown hair, with big fangs and pointed ears. “His face was long and had a snout, like a wolf.” She told reporter Scarlett Sankay. The figure’s eyes glowed in the darkness and they were a yellowish-gold color. ‘The arms were really a kind of strange; jointed like a man or woman would be,” she said. “He was holding his hands with his palms upward. The arms were muscular ‘like a man who had worked out a little bit.” The backed legs looked like they were behind him, like a person kneeling.” The sighting lasted about 45 seconds and she had no idea what the creature could have been until she saw an illustration at the library of a werewolf.

(Werewolf Sighting)
Around that same time as above in Elkhorn, near Delevan, a dairy farmer named Scott Bray saw a “strange looking dog” along his pasture on Bray Road. It was bigger and taller than a German shepherd, it had pointed ears and hairy tail, with long, scraggly grayish black hair. It is “built heavy in front – a real strong chest.” In the soft soil nearby he found enormous footprints which is four to five inches in diameter



The 8 most haunted places in South Dakota

South Dakota is located within the Mid-western part of the United States. Outside of agriculture and industry, you don’t hear too much about it in national news. However, don’t let that fool you, South Dakota is a popular place for tourists, and sight seeing, mostly during the summer and winter seasons. Much like almost anywhere else, it has also had it’s share of paranormal activity.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the some of the most haunted places in South Dakota.

  1. San Haven Sanatorium Dunseith, North Dakota

The San Haven Sanatorium was built the Turtle Mountains, not far from Dunseith, near the Canadian border. It opened in 1912 and treated tuberculosis patients and the developmentally disabled until the 1980s, at the time it closed due to lack of financial help. At one time, the building housed up to 900 patients, and conditions were scrappy, best case scenario. In 1987, the last patients which were at San Haven were moved to Grafton State School. It finally stopped its entryways in 1989. The property now belongs to Chippewa Indians, who bought it in the mid 1990s, and has relentlessly crumbled from neglect. More than 1,000 individuals passed on at the hospital while it was in operation, but there have been many more deaths as well. In October 2001, a 17-year-old met his untimely death while researching about the abandoned building. There are rumors around that San Haven is haunted, but they are vague. Apparitions have been listed for in the windows and the sound of a baby crying has been heard. Never-the-less, it is an extremely creepy place.

San Haven Sanatorium Dunseith, North Dakota


  1. Eastons Castle, Aberdeen

Eastons Castle is a yellow brick home that was built sometime around 1886 and 1889. It was initially a 30 room, three stories Queen Anne style mansion, meanwhile, in 1902 it was bought by Carroll Francis Easton who had an exterior clad in yellow bricks. After the demise of Easton and his wife, their child got to be a hermit and vacated the house. It disintegrated so rapidly and people were saying it was haunted before he met his death. Right from that time there have been reports of Mrs. Easton’s ghost, the spirit of the family home keeper and maybe the most important a ghost that pursuing people using a knife!

Eastons Castle, Aberdeen


  1. Lucky Nugget Casino, Deadwood

Yet another of the building in Deadwood that surely deserves a spot on any list of the most haunted places in South Dakota would be the Lucky Nugget Casino. This spot is so much loved by paranormal agents and over the years there has been all possible evidence gathered here to say for sure that the building is haunted! Only a portion of the activities that has been listed at the Lucky Nugget Casino during those years the scent of perfume all of a sudden appearing and afterward disappearing into the air, ghost footsteps and shadow people.

Lucky Nugget Casino, Deadwood


  1. Rough Riders Hotel Medora, North Dakota

This hotel was built in 1884 and initially known as the Metropolitan, the Unpleasant Riders Hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Medora. It was renamed in 1903 to respect President Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, who served in the Spanish-American War. Roosevelt was the primary US President to visit Medora.

The hotel undergoes critical renovation in 2008 and is currently running at Nonprofit. For some hidden reason, over the last most recent three decades guests at the hotel have revealed encountering the ghost of a young boy on the upper floor. They would be awoken by sounds of a child playing in the hallway, but upon further research, they could find no child. Immaterial laughter and the sound of toilets flushing are reported as well. Till date, no historical occasions have been found to explain this other words presence.

Rough Riders Hotel Medora, North Dakota


  1. Old Minnehaha Courthouse Museum, Sioux Falls

Old Minnehaha Courthouse is now a museum which is said to be haunted by different types of spirits making it a specially left aside amongst the most haunted places in South Dakota. Staff and visitors alike have explained hearing somebody roll down the stairs, but when they go to look there is no one at the stairs. There are moreover free sounds and ghost footsteps moving from room to room. A few visitors claimed to have seen a man sweeping the floor of one of the courtrooms who then disappears once he is moved closer to!



  1. Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast Anamoose, North Dakota

Built in 1928 and known as White School, this structure originally housed one of the first solidified primary schools in rural North Dakota. The citadel of learning was advanced for now is the right time, hot showers, and meals are filled in as a “model school” in which progressive teaching ways could be practiced. With the height, the school served 100 students, yet it still closed in 1968. In 1996, a couple purchased the building and converted it into an overnight boardinghouse called Sage Hill. As building on the B&B began, workers reported hearing moans and perceiving of a cigar smell. As said by Rich Newman, author of The Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide, guest went on to experience strange movements, including lights getting turned and on it, disembodied voices, and ghost smell. It is believed that the ghost of a previous schoolmaster haunts the building; however he is not threatening presence.



  1. Orpheum Theater Sioux Falls, South Dakota

A ghost named “Larry” said to haunt this historic, 100year old theater in Sioux Falls. The Orpheum Theater was inherent Beaux-Arts style and opened in 1913. It was purchased in 1954 by the Sioux Falls Community Playhouse, and many strange things started to happen. Its new owners saw an old, ornate coffin in the boiler room. When they got back to tidy the room, the casket had disappeared. In 1959, an actor named Ray Loftesness saw the figure of a man bathed in blue-green light showing at him from the balcony. He felt this icy blast of air, and was later knocked unconscious by a dropping sandbag—not just once, but twice! A dim shadow in the state of a man has likewise showed up in a photo of the gallery. Throughout the years, this apparition came to be called “Larry,” and there is much hypothesis about who he may have been. Concurring to one unusual story, Larry was a actor who disappeared during dress rehearsal after a gunshot was heard in the light booth. His co workers found a pool of blood, meanwhile no body.

Orpheum Theater Sioux Falls, South Dakota


  1. Mount Rushmore Brewing Company, Hill City

Once upon a time, Mount Rushmore Brewing Company was a restaurant but the building is now a Harley Davidson store. It has served in the past filled in as funeral service home what’s more, a crematorium so it is positively no outsider to death. Employees say objects move around all alone and there are unexplained commotions, especially in the basement where the remaining parts of the creation furnace can still be seen!

Mount Rushmore Brewing Company, Hill City



Top-10 Most Haunted Places in North Dakota

North Dakota is home to numerous haunted places where extremely weird and even terrifying things happen.

Below you will find 10 places in  North Dakota guaranteed to make you hesitate your next visit.

 1. St. Joseph’s Hospital (Dickinson)

St. Joseph’s Hospital staff has given information that ghostly acts have been experienced in the hospital’s varied areas. It has been noted that the elevator that goes to the morgue operates on its own. Many times, in the cafeteria ghostly voices are heard. There have also been reports of running footsteps in the basement.St. Joseph’s Hospital (Dickinson)

St. Joseph’s Hospital staff has given information that ghostly acts have been experienced in the hospital’s varied areas. It has been noted that the elevator that goes to the morgue operates on its own. Many times, in the cafeteria ghostly voices are heard. There have also been reports of running footsteps in the basement

2. Harvey Public Library (Harvey)

Witnesses at Harvey Public Library have seen glittering lights, unexplained computer issues and missing objects. The naughty ghost responsible for all this mess is thought to be a lady called Sophie. Sophie resided on the library’s site when her husband murdered her using a hammer, at the beginning of 1930s.

3. North Dakota State University

It is thought that a man who committed suicide by hanging himself from a pipe in Ceres Hall in the course of World War II haunts the place. A lot of individuals feel a weird presence near them while inside Minard Hall, which at one time was believed to be the scene of two murders.

4. The Children’s Museum (Yunker Farm)

This children’s museum is found in a farmhouse made of brick which was constructed in 1876. There was a belief that Elizabeth Yunker’s ghost had been sighted upstairs, where children engaged in activities.

The ghost of a young kid who passed on a long time back in the ancient well has been sighted standing near the same well. At times also, the elevator operates without prompt!

5. Fort Abraham Lincoln Custer House (Mandan)

General Custer lost his life in 1876 at the Battle of Little Big Horn. Therefore, he and his wife did not enjoy their house which was newly constructed, together for a lengthy period.
At Custer House, numerous witnesses have said they heard ghostly voices, saw doors open and close of their own accord and lights going on and off. The ghost of Mrs. Custer has even been sighted, dressed in black mourning attire…

6. Medora Fudge & Ice Cream Depot (Medora)

It is believed that a lady haunts Medora Fudge & Ice Cream Depot. She just makes one appearance each year on her birthday.

Medora haunted ice cream and fudge parlor
Haunted Ice Cream Parlor


7. Old Armory (Williston)

The year 1915 saw the construction of an Old Armory in North Dakota. According to witnesses, mannequins have been seen throughout the campsite moving about unaided. Also, some have even reported hearing ghostly whispers when no one else was around.

8. Totten Trail Historic Inn (Saint Michael)

This remarkable inn was at one time utilized by officers as well as their families as living quarters at the end of the 19th century. Witnesses say that while inside the inn, they saw ghosts from the corner of their eye trailing them.  A lady and gent lost their lives at the inn before it was rebuilt and there is a belief that these ghosts are them visiting time, and time again so they won’t be forgotten.

9. Liberty Memorial Building (Bismarck)

It is alleged that a ghost haunts Liberty Memorial Building. This ghost is also known as ‘Stack Monster.’  Witnesses say that they saw a male ghost and heard ghostly footsteps. At times, employees hear a person calling their name out, although no other person is present.

10. Chateau De Mores (Medora)

Chateau De Mores once housed Marquis De Mores together with Medora, his wife. Here, visitors might come across more that its initial furnishings. According to witnesses, they have seen unusual lights glimmer on and off. A lot of visitors claim to have also felt cold spots throughout the chateau.