Myrtle’s Plantation – St. Francisville, Louisiana

A lot of folks claim this is one of America’s most haunted homes. There have been report of over ten deaths within the home, and around twelve ghosts. The haunting of Myrtle’s plantation was covered by Unsolved Mysteries in 2002, the home was also featured on Ghost Hunters in 2005.

The most popular story is the one of a slave girl named ‘Chloe’ who occupied the home in the early eighteen hundreds. There are a few variations of the story but most popular is the belief that she was the mistress of the slave master, Mark Woodruff. Supposedly the slave master cut her ear off for meddling in his affairs. In retaliation she poisoned the mother, Sara and the two daughters using extract from Oleander leaves baked into a cake. She was later hung or drowned as punishment, there is no record as to which actually occurred.

Ghost sitings include the children who were murdered in the home seen playing outside. An attorney William Winter who resided there from 1860 to 1871. Winter was shot on the side-porch by a stranger and staggered into the house, up the stairs. It is said that his last dying footsteps can still be heard on the staircase to this day; this is the only murder which has been verified. Other ghosts, including the slaves allegedly show up to ask visitors if they can do any chores for them. Guests and employees of the Plantation say they have heard the Grand Piano play by itself, repeating a haunting chord.


The home is now open as a Bed and Breakfast. See the link below for more details: