Whether their existence is in the realm of reality or just a figment of human imagination, one thing is certain—Scary creatures of the night we come to know as ghosts never fail to capture our fascination.

It is intriguing to note that debates about the existence of ghosts have been waged for centuries. Paranormal believers spread the word of veracity to prove they exist while skeptics continue to look for hard and quantifiable evidence to disprove the former’s claim. The dispute goes on. 

Though not all of us have actual encounters with these scary creatures, we are made aware of their interaction with the living through urban legends. These have circulated through oral traditions and in a way, helped preserve traces of ancient traditions of the world.  In the recent years, many of them have been written making them more accessible to curious and skeptic minds alike. They may come in different forms, can be depicted as good or evil, and even be revered in some cultures as spirits of good fortune.

I have collected a list of and ghost stories and urban legends from all over the world that have contributed to people’s growing interest, if not fear, in these creatures of the night. So curl up, pull a blanket and brace yourself for a good scare.

Bloody Mary

In a dark room at midnight, stand in front of a mirror, and start chanting “Bloody Mary” thirteen times. Then, wait for the horror hiding on the other side of the mirror. There have been many permutations of this legend, but the most famous one tells of a vengeful ghost of a woman that has reportedly killed the person calling her; clawed the summoner’s eyes out; drove the person mad; or pulled the caller into the mirror with her.

No one really knows the origin of the Bloody Mary legend. Speculations say that Bloody Mary was a witch killed for practicing witchcraft.

Trapped in a Cemetery

A group of friends dare a member to stay overnight in a cemetery. The person is locked in inside a coffin with a corpse overnight. The morning after, the one who did the dare ends up insane with his hair turned white. No one knows what more there is to this legend because the victims never speak again.

Hanged Man in the Shower

You go to a vacation and decided to stay in a cheap motel to economize. Tired and weary, you take a shower to freshen up. As you enjoy the hot shower, you suddenly feel something touching your head. You feel annoyed and look up. A horrific sight of a hanged man meets your sight. You yell and call for the motel’s manager. Upon coming back to check on the room, the hanged man isn’t there anymore. You explained to the manager what you saw and upon looking at his face closely, you realize that he has the face of the man you saw hanged in the shower. 

Kid Looking for a Report Card
This legend has been depicted in the Taiwanese film, The Eye. The legend tells about a kid going around the building, knocking on people’s door looking for his missing report card. It turns out that the kid jumped off from the 13th floor of the building after having been scolded by his parents for not showing his grades. The child really lost the report card but was accused of lying by his parent. Desperate and scared of being beaten to a pulp, the kid opted to kill himself.

Corpse in the Elevator

An intern in a hospital is dispatched to the morgue located in the basement of the building. He is told to check on the patient who recently died and was taken to the morgue for an autopsy. The number on the patient’s tag together with her name is the only thing he know about the patient.

When he entered the elevator, a woman dressed in a white robe is already there. He notices that the woman is also headed to the basement because the button was already pressed. The intern wonders if the woman is a doctor or a nurse because only those with official business can enter the morgue. His eyes then set on the wrist of the woman. There was a tag. The tag has the number of the dead patient he is supposed to check.

The next day, the intern ends up insane and unable to speak.

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