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2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi there

    I am a freelance writer and regular visitor to your site.

    In between working on my first novel, I developed an interest in writing ghost stories after becoming involved in a number of cultural variety nights that invited contributions around specific topics (ghosts, the undead, hallowe’en, etc). For these, I developed short stories supported by songs and at the events I gave a reading and performed the songs with my band, Lucien’s Ghost.

    Since, I have been developing a number of spookier stories, some based upon reported events. I note that you are interested in hearing from freelance writers and wondered whether you would be interested in receiving some work from me. Initially, I have one story set in New York that was based around some personal experiences during student days.

    I’d appreciate if you could get back to me and let me know how to submit work, if you are interested.

    Kind regards, Mike

  2. Mike, Thanks for your submission to our site. As you know, your story was added some time ago. If you or anyone else has any submissions please feel free to share.

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