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8 thoughts on “QUEEN MARY HOTEL, Haunted Long Beach, CA Surveillance Ghost Hunt”

  1. Sorry to hear that. She did say that she would be writing a book soon, so
    maybe that’s where she went? Her tour wasn’t a bad tour, it was just a
    beginner’s tour and I believe that it was billed as that when we booked it.
    For us, we had somewhere over forty investigations so it was kind of
    ho-hum. We took it to try to gain access to restricted areas of the ship.
    Unfortunately even so we had no activity on that night. It was apparent the
    security guy had way too many tours under his belt.

  2. No valid clues on that one. Nothing biologically related, if you get my
    drift. The Sir Winston’s an hour earlier was great and no one else on the
    tour had any illness complaints including myself. Jan is the skeptic side
    to us so it was a surprise to her. Whenever she has heard other
    investigators complain about mood changes or ill feelings she just thinks
    they are making it up to be dramatic. She wanted to leave the engine room
    and as soon as we walked out she told me the feeling was gone.

  3. That’s an interesting theory and one I had not thought of. She is Filipina,
    whose people were allies, and not Japanese, but with the tensions most
    people didn’t see past the facial features. During the course of that tour
    she was stalked well before the footage in the boiler room. Her K2 was
    spiking while mine did not register even when placed side by side with the
    coils aligned. If you know about EMF detectors that is impossible according
    to classical physics. After the boiler room it quit.

  4. Judging from whom we spoke with at random among employees, one of those
    “shy” times is precisely the time frame when we were there, which is during
    and following the Halloween commercial haunted house attractions. As I
    pointed out, this could be do to the large amount of EMI (electromagnetic
    interference) being generated. Not in this video was an area of low freq
    static EMI picked up by the ProNav Mel Meter and TriField meter in room
    B458. I may due a separate video on that later.

  5. Erika said Yes it’s true, I have lit a candle and officially retired from
    the Queen Mary and ghost hunting! Thank you so much for all of the love and
    support given to me over the many years there! I have had the wonderful
    opportunity to meet so many interesting, loving and diverse people of which
    I have learned so much and am truly grateful!! As many know I’m am in
    preparation for an exciting new transition.. I will keep you posted as it
    develops! Happy Tuesday!!

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