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19 thoughts on “Haunted Bridge San Francisco”

  1. @coaldwin oh ya ive heared of that to they say that he gave a guy a ticket
    and when they went to pay the ticket the people their say its not really a
    real ticket or something

  2. I know that there was a woman also that was killed on the upper deck of the
    Bay Bridge during the 1989 quake. Apparently, she was picking up her
    brother from somewhere and they didn’t stop in time to miss the collapsed
    part and hit it going pretty fast and the car was dangling on the edge of
    the collapsed part. There is a video on here (youtube) showing it. They
    were in a red (or orange) car. THAT ALWAYS had me afraid to cross bridges
    for the LONGEST TIME. RIP to that lady and her family.

  3. ..additionally, cudos to anyone capable of reporting such a wak sighting..
    I, for one, would certainly end up joining this “guy” on his jog because I
    would surely panic to the point of causing a fatal accident. It’s a
    horrifyingly fun short story though.

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